We work all over the world to support entrepreneurs and promote Switzerland as a business location. Our role as a center of excellence for internationalization is to foster exports, imports and investments, to help clients develop new potential for their international businesses and to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub. We are a strong and trusted partner for our clients, the cantons and the Swiss government, with a global network of experienced advisers and experts.

Official Programhttp://www.s-ge.com/global/invest
Principal Partnerhttp://www.serv-ch.com/
Strategic Partners http://xlgroup.com/insurance/global/switzerlandhttp://www.dhl.ch http://www.pwc.chhttp://www.bisnode.ch
Premium Partner https://www.credit-suisse.com/ch/de/unternehmen/kmugrossunternehmen/
Official Programmes  
http://www.switzerland-ge.com/global/%C3%BCber/de/content/unsere-leistungsvereinbarungen http://www.switzerland-ge.com/global/%C3%BCber/de/content/importfoerderung

S-GE app now available

The latest information from international markets for Swiss exporters is now available as an app from Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). In addition to the news section, the S-GE app includes an event calendar with a chat feature. This is designed for registered users to communicate with attendees and speakers at various export events. Download it now!