Institutional Partners

Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV insures export transactions of Swiss companies against non-payment due to political or commercial risks and can help to avoid liquidity shortages. A consulta-tion is free of charge!
As an institution of the Swiss Confederation under public law, SERV contributes to the international competitiveness of the Swiss export sector and to preserving and creating jobs in Switzerland. 
Logo Switzerland Tourism
Switzerland is an attractive location for foreign companies. Constant marketing is needed to make people abroad aware of the many advantages of Switzerland as an economic location and to convince foreign companies about the benefits. Switzerland Global Enterprise works closely with specialists from Switzerland Tourism in promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad.
Logo swissnex Swissnex/ State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation
Switzerland Global Enterprise works with the education, research and innovation sector, both at home and abroad. In Switzerland, a regular exchange takes place on these subjects, amongst others, with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. Abroad, the Swiss Business Hubs work with the swissnex locations and/or coordinate with the embassy counsellors, who are responsible for the education, research and innovation sector, in the Swiss embassies.