Swiss Business Hubs

Switzerland Global Enterprise is represented by Swiss Business Hubs in the 21 most important markets (export and location promotion).

Swiss Business Hubs

Switzerland Global Enterprise is represented abroad by Swiss Business Hubs. The majority of these local teams is based at a Swiss Embassy or Swiss Consulate-General. Bilateral chambers of commerce take on this role in certain countries. Following an initial consulting session in Switzerland, the Swiss Business Hubs are the next point of contact with Switzerland Global Enterprise in the export country concerned. In addition, these hubs are responsible for promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad. All hubs have a first-rate network of contacts abroad on account of their official status.

The first Swiss Business Hub was founded in Italy in 2001. Since then, Switzerland Global Enterprise has constantly opened new hubs in important markets and regions and now has a network of 21 Swiss Business Hubs. Switzerland Global Enterprise has Swiss Business Hubs in the following countries and regions: USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, the Gulf States, South Africa, India, ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and Turkey. Switzerland Global Enterprise relies on the official Swiss representations in the other markets, that is, on the embassies, consulates-general and consulates, as well as on the bilateral chambers of commerce.

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