Baumer launches new sensors

Szilvana Spett, SGBA/ Café Europe
Baumer has launched innovative inductive sensors. (generic image)
Baumer has launched innovative inductive sensors. (generic image)

The sensor manufacturer Baumer has launched the world’s first-ever inductive sensors for measuring even the smallest positional change by performing indirect force measurements.

The AlphaProx High Sensivity sensors can be used to measure the applied force from the deflection of a metal carrier, according to a Baumer statement. With their high sensitivity, the sensors have a measuring range of 0.25 millimetres, enabling measurements of even the smallest positional changes in difficult environments. Until now this could only be accomplished using very expensive eddy current sensors or difficult-to-install strain gauges.

The new sensors from the St.GallenBodenseeArea manufacturer are also very easy to install, and it is not necessary to mechanically fine-tune them before using them. The sensor must simply be positioned at a short distance in front of the object to be measured. In addition, the sensors can be installed at different points on a machine, meaning that a machine’s design is no obstacle to using the sensors. The settings necessary for position determination can be adjusted at any time.

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