Success Stories

Investors from all over the world tell their success stories and explain why they decided to establish their company in Switzerland. Find out as to what prompted the decision-makers of various companies to choose Switzerland as business location.
What makes Switzerland particularly interesting as a place of work for specific occupational groups? Which other factors were important for the establishment decision? What was the experience of the decision-makers with the actual process of establishment? How did S-GE and the Swiss Business Hub involved as well as the regional and cantonal economic development offices support? The persons, who have already experienced all this, are the best to answer these questions and many more for you. Read the individual stories and download the most exciting success story in a layouted version. Some decision-makers also tell their story by themselves directly in a video statement.

Within a few weeks S-GE had arranged contacts with representatives of the authorities, so that we were quickly able to choose from several options.

Ashok Santhanam

President and CEO


Switzerland’s pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is unparalleled.

Ke Xiangwen

General Manager, Dalian Shiji Xinyuan Technology Co. Ltd.


The proximity to the industry as well as the infrastructure and the professional support on all levels were crucial for the choice of location.

Silvio Lehmann



Switzerland’s inspiring track record in terms of innovation and efficiency as well as its role as an emerging sustainable finance hub attracted EFW Capital Advisors.

Benjamin J. Ergas

Co-Founder and Managing Partner


We have our EMEA headquarters in Switzerland because the relationship to the canton and the quality of life for our staff are unique.

Michael Harris

Vice President and Managing Director EMEA


The quality of dental medicine in Switzerland is ranked in top-class in the world. We consider putting a Swiss address on our leaflet will surely present a favorable image.

Makoto Nakao

President and CEO


The interest shown by the Swiss Business Hub France of S-GE has helped to strengthen our credibility among the cantonal authorities.

Patrick Pirazzoli



Switzerland is a key location for the research and development of Google products. This is where the inventive spirit lives.

Patrick Warnking

Country Director


There’s no compromising when it comes to quality. If we want to offer our customers products aligned to their needs, we must be innovative.

Walter Zannier



In Switzerland, we were able to access a highly skilled workforce which enabled us to significantly grow our human capital.

Arnab Sikder

Executive Vice President and General Manager, European Operations, Highpoint Solutions


In Zürich we find highly qualified, internationally experienced specialists for our team, a major factor in our business.

Jan Valentin

Managing Director, KAYAK Europe GmbH


Switzerland’s diversity provides an environment where creative minds can develop brilliant ideas.

Petra Jenner

Country General Manager


MSA employees and visitors from around the world can travel to and from Rapperswil-Jona with great ease, which has been very beneficial to our business.

Ronald N. Herring

President, MSA Europe GmbH


The top two markets for life sciences are clearly in the US and Switzerland.

Nima Farzan

CEO and President, PaxVax


The support was first-rate: professional, service oriented and forthcoming. The openness and can-do spirit of our welcome in Switzerland were so motivational.

Christoph Körner



In Switzerland people are proactive, efficient and results-orientated as well as on-time and reliable – I like that a lot.

Shigeo Taniuchi

Head of Europe


Being innovative means developing products and services in close collaboration with the customer.

Ralph Müller



We have had a very positive overall experience in setting up and starting our operations in Switzerland.

Dr. Emanuele Buscaglione



An image of an international company headquartered in Switzerland allowed us to be much more successful in promoting innovative products in the global marketplace.

Ivan Zhitenev

President of Streamer International AG


Switzerland has a perfectly balanced business friendly system. Stepping into European markets, it was exactly what our company needed.

Dr. Vladas Snieckus

General Manager of European Region, Tasly Europe Co. Ltd


Our contact with Swiss authorities was excellent in all cantons.

Pierre Lozes



To produce our machines, we combine Brazilian passion and creativity with traditional Swiss precision, high quality and efficiency.

Rafael Bottós

CEO, Welle Laser Technology


Switzerland has high innovation and quality standards, and is an environment that offers us clear growth opportunities.

Hans Ruckstuhl

Managing Director, Wieland Electric AG Switzerland


We contribute to the inflow of foreign businesses and new investment to Russia, which has a positive impact on the national economy.

Bernard Lukey

General Director, Yandex Europe AG