Global Imaging On Line
Global Imaging On Line

The interest shown by the Swiss Business Hub France of S-GE has helped to strengthen our credibility among the cantonal authorities.

Patrick Pirazzoli


A developer of medical software sets up business at the ETH Lausanne (EPFL)

Global Imaging On Line SA develops and markets IT solutions which serve patient care in the field of radiology and data exchange with regard to medical images. In order to increase the confidence in the company on the Swiss market, the Paris-based company established a branch in the science park of the EPFL. To this day, six orders have been received, while three facilities in the French-speaking part of Switzerland have already been equipped with the company’s products.

Patrick Pirazzoli, CEO of Global Imaging On Line, is quick to point out that “our strengths are based on the know-how and quality of our developments. We decided to opt for the EPFL in order to strive for synergies with academic research and regional companies. In the long run, our Swiss branch might well become a competence centre for innovation”.

By 2015, the company plans to recruit approximately ten new employees who shall be primarily involved in the marketing, installation and maintenance aspects of the systems on offer.

Global Imaging On Line combines all the advantages necessary for success

Founded in France in 1999, the company, which relies upon an international expansion of its business operations, has already established a branch in Canada where it has more than 80 employees of whom one third are involved in research and development. After the Department of Investment Promotion belonging to the Swiss Business Hub France had become aware of the company, it then invited the software manufacturer to one of its events in spring 2012 where the opportunity for experts and industry representatives from different cantons to exchange ideas arose.

“We had already planned to establish a branch in Switzerland,” says the CEO. “The interest we experienced by submitting our documents to the cantonal authorities finally convinced us. Développement économique vaudois (DEV) – the Department of Economic Development of the Canton of Vaud – demonstrated a very dynamic approach by recognising our needs in advance and granting us practical and effcient aids to decision-making. It then only took six months for our branch to open.”


The interest shown by the Swiss Business Hub France of S-GE has helped to strengthen our credibility among the cantonal authorities.

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