The designation «Switzerland/Swissness» indicates the origin, i.e. it is a direct reference to the geographical origin of the goods or services for which it is used. The use of such origin information is essentially discretionary.

However, use of such information is not permitted, if this is incorrect or liable to misinterpretation. Additional or special conditions may be applied to the use of such information.

Information about the origin is deemed to be incorrect, if the actual origin of the product or service does not correspond to that to which it refers. This consequently means that the name «Switzerland/Swissness», designations such as «Swiss», «Swiss quality», «Made in Switzerland», «Swiss Made» or other designations containing the name of Switzerland as well as translations thereof into other languages may only be used for products manufactured in Switzerland or services from Switzerland.

The new ‘Swissness’ legislation comes into force on 1 January 2017. You will find here frequently asked questions about "Swissness" legislation.

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