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EFTA – Mercosur free trade agreement in sight

EFTA – Mercosur free trade agreement in sight
The Mercosur association and the EFTA states already reached an agreement to establish free trade relationships in 2000. However, it was only with the changes in government in Brazil and Argentina that the negotiations have begun to gain momentum. They have now signed a declaration on the issue. More…

Tunnel between Chile and Argentina planned

Tunnel between Chile and Argentina planned
The tunnel through the Agua Negra Pass in the Andean massif has been in the planning since 2009, and preparations are finally starting to take shape. The plan provides for two 14-km tunnels running parallel, along with two border stations. The calls for tender are likely to begin in May 2017. More…

Venezuela is to be excluded from Mercosur

Venezuela is to be excluded from Mercosur
The four other member states of the Mercosur trading bloc, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, have excluded Venezuela from “South America's Common Market”. The stated reasons are fundamental infringements of the constitutional and democratic principles, compliance with which is a requirement for membership. More…

Retrospection S-GE Impulse: Latam Day, May 21, 2015

The S-GE Impulse: Latam Day was held in cooperation with Latcam and over 100 participants on May 21st at the Hotel Marriott, Zurich. Swiss SMEs from a variety of sectors interested in Latin America, country experts, ambassadors and Chambers of Commerce were on location to establish new contacts, cultivate new contacts and obtain new impulses. More…


Country Information Argentina

Country Information Argentina
Useful addresses for Swiss companies who have dealings with Argentina. Tips for everyday business and social life in Argentina. Laws and regulations to be observed in trade with Argentina. Overview of the major business sectors. More…

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