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China Offers Opportunities Despite Slowing Growth

China Offers Opportunities Despite Slowing Growth
Slowing economic momentum and concerns over increased default risks in China have rattled investor confidence. But don’t give up on Asia’s largest economy. Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer for Credit Suisse’s Private Banking & Wealth Management division, discusses the outlook and the sectors investors should pay attention to as structural reforms are put in place. More…

Switzerland tops new global Human Capital Index

When it comes to investing in people, Switzerland is way ahead of the curve. In a new global ranking by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Switzerland reached first place – ahead of 121 other countries. More…

ETH Zurich ranked best university in continental Europe

ETH Zurich defended its position as the best university in mainland Europe in the latest World University Ranking of Times Higher Education magazine. Like last year, a total of seven Swiss universities are ranked among the top 200. More…

The Federal Government approves civil use of the Payerne airport

The Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) has approved the opening of the Payerne (VD) military airport for civil aviation. According to FOCA, up to 8400 movements per year are possible in a long term view. Mainly business flights are planned. More…

Opportunities Surrounding the Chinese Renminbi (RMB)

Opportunities Surrounding the Chinese Renminbi (RMB)
China's economy is the second largest in the world and has become a key driver of global growth. Although the Chinese government is not yet prepared to open its economy to the free movement of capital and allow full convertibility of its currency, it has managed to push international use of the renminbi (yuan) to over 10 percent of China's foreign trade volume within a span of four years. More…

Does China's Slowdown Really Matter?

Does China's Slowdown Really Matter?
China's economy in 2013 has been doing something it hasn't done for years: cooling off. Following a breakneck expansion over the past decade, is its more leisurely rate of economic growth really so dangerous for the rest of the world? More…

Food and Beverage Market Singapore

Food and Beverage Market Singapore
Despite a population of only five million, Singapore is one of the most attractive export markets for food and beverages in Asia. The country imports more than 90% of its food and also re-exports many products to other parts of Asia. More…

Bleak outlook for China's domestic machine tool component market - opportunities for Western suppliers

Bleak outlook for China's domestic machine tool component market - opportunities for Western suppliers
In spite of the largest machine tool market in the world, China’s domestic machine tool component supply industry does not seem to be able to take off. More…

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S-GE Impulse: Asia

23. June 2014 - Rüschlikon/Zürich, 24. June 2014 - Rüschlikon/Zürich
Rüschlikon/Zürich, Switzerland

S-GE Impulse: Food

09. September 2014 - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

SWISS Pavilion News & Exhibitors

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Sial China

    SIAL CHINA is the unique trade show with a mix of 50% international exhibitors and 50% national exhibitors. It is a must attend show for the F&B segment enterprise, who is looking for its overseas business extension.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Cosmoprof Asia

    DieDIe=decisione d'imposizione elettronica.
    Le IMe all’esportazione possono essere ritirate dalla persona il cui TIN o numero di spedizioniere è indicato nella dichiarazione doganale d’esportazione (DE). Al ritiro viene richiesto un certificato e verificata la firma. Le DIe devono essere conservate per almeno 10 anni. Per questi documenti vale il principio del ritiro: devono essere ritirati elettronicamente dopo l'importazione o l'esportazione.
    jährlich in Hong Kong stattfindende Cosmoprof Asia ist die grösste und wichtigste Fachmesse der Beautyindustrie im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum. Insgesamt wächst der Markt der Schönheitsindustrie weltweit wie kaum ein anderer. Gefragt sind hochwertige Kosmetika und Pflegeprodukte, die neueste medizinische und dermatologische Erkenntnisse berücksichtigen.

    Cosmoprof Asia, taking place annually in Hong Kong, is the leading and biggest beauty event in the Asia Pacific region. Overall, hardly any other market grows as the cosmetic market does. In demand are high-quality cosmetics and care products, which consider the latest medical and dermatological findings.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ PackTech India

    News & Aussteller / News & Exhibitors / Nouveautés & Exposants

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Plastindia

    PLASTINDIA – the leading three-annual event for the plastic and rubber industry for the Indian subcontinent

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

    SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

  • SWISS Pavilion @ CMEF Spring

    We are back!

  • SWISS Pavilion @ IDEM Singapore

    Die Dentalmesse Nr. 1 im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum steht für Kontinuität und Professionalität auf höchstem Niveau!

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Chinaplas

    23 - 26 April 2014

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Chinaplas

SWISS Pavilion trade fairs

Mini Swiss Pavilion @ SIAL CHINA 2014

13. May 2014 - Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

SWISS Pavilion @ IE Expo 2014

20. May 2014 - Shanghai
Shanghai, China

SWISS Pavilion @ PackTech/ drinktechnology India 2014

25. September 2014 - Mumbai
Mumbai, India

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