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Chile Machinery Industry 2009

Chile Machinery Industry 2009
Report in English, 110 pages, October 2009. The report is a preliminary Market Overview that must be read as the first guide for Swiss Machinery companies interested in evaluating the possibilities of entering the Chilean market. More…

Chilean Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Market Overview 2009

Chilean Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Market Overview 2009
Report in English, 128 pages, October 2009. This report starts with a comprehensive analysis of the Chilean health system reflecting details of the subsystems. It continues covering details about the pharmaceutical sector showing the participants as well as the products traded for each health system group. More…

Chilean Energy Market 2009

Chilean Energy Market 2009
Report in English, 104 pages, October 2009. The study presents a brief overview of the energy market in Chile, including electricity, hydrocarbon and non-conventional renewable energies, and among the last mentioned, the mini hydroelectric power stations, wind generation, solar energy, tidal power, biomass, biogas and geothermal energy. More…

Chilean Energy Market

Chilean Energy Market
In Chile currently only 3.4% of the installed electricity capacity amount to Non-Conventional Renewable Energy. With a growing demand for energy and ambitious government objectives regarding the near future NCRE share, this fact implies a big challenge for the country itself and at the same time constitutes a great potential for foreign investors. To raise your interest, this report gives an insight into the Chilean Energy Market. More…

Investments - Chile

Investment protection agreement between Switzerland - Chile. More…


Country Information Chile

Country Information Chile
Useful addresses for Swiss companies who have dealings with Chile. Tips for everyday business and social life in Chile. Laws and regulations to be observed in trade with Chile. Overview of the major business sectors. More…

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Imports to Switzerland 2012
Agricultural and forestry products, fishery42'527'653
Paper, stationery and graphic products13'885'064
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