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Russia: transition phase for conformity documents according to GOST standards now ended

Numerous new Technical Regulations came into force in the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on 13 February 2013. There was a transition period of two years for conformity documents according to GOST standards. This period expired on 15 March. Since then, the new Technical Regulations have applied in (almost) all cases. More…

Swiss Pilot Project in Russia: ‘Catalysts for Urban Transformations’

‘Catalysts for Urban Transformations’ (CUT) is a pilot project in Russia elaborated by a Swiss consortium for urban development. More…

The 2015 Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment: the rising middle class in emerging markets – a blessing for Swiss export

The 2015 Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment: the rising middle class in emerging markets – a blessing for Swiss export
There are increasing numbers of consumers who can afford more and more in the emerging markets. Additional groups of customers are therefore opening up for Swiss companies. Will the rising middle class be a new mainstay for the Swiss export industry? Particularly in view of the strong Swiss franc. And how can these potential new customers best be exploited? Renowned speakers and experts will discuss these and other topical issues concerning international business at the 2015 Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment. Interesting discussions are guaranteed. More…

Hot Spots for Biotech

Hot Spots for Biotech
The life sciences industry is booming and offers excellent prospects. However, there is also a great deal of pressure on innovation and internationalization in this industry. It is no wonder that importance is attached to locations which have attractive framework conditions and good links to the international economy. Three of the world’s most renowned hot spots for biotech will be giving presentations at S-GE’s Life Sciences impulse event. The event will also address the export potential for the industry and what a company needs to bring with it, in order to be successful internationally. More…

“Swissness” paying off – including in Poland

It is true that the strong Swiss franc is making Swiss exports more expensive, but they are proving to be no less popular with foreign clients thanks to their “Swissness”. The Swiss seal of quality enjoys a great deal of kudos everywhere, representing as it does the highest levels of product quality and service, for which consumers are willing to pay a little more. This is also true of Poland, as demonstrated by a survey carried out by the University of St. Gallen. More…

Swiss products find a warm welcome in the cool North

Swiss products find a warm welcome in the cool North
Scandinavia is an attractive destination for the Swiss export economy – today more than ever. This is also the opinion of our new man in Stockholm, Gustav Henriksson, who also oversees Denmark, Norway and Finland from his headquarters in the Swedish capital. More…

Swiss foreign trade in January: sluggish start to the year

Swiss foreign trade did not make a good start to the New Year, with both exports and imports declining in January. However, this was not just due to the strong Swiss franc. More…

«Find Your Markets»: internationalization as a total package

«Find Your Markets»: internationalization as a total package
The international integration of the Swiss economy is, so to speak, a law of nature, a fact which the current exchange rate issue is dramatically bringing home to us again. The structuring of this internationality as an active forward strategy, both on the sourcing and the sales side, is more relevant and more important nowadays than ever. «Find Your Markets» thus provides valuable support to SMEs operating internationally. More…


Italian Elections: Brief Hiccup or Fundamental Setback?

Stefan Keitel, Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse, talks about the election in Italy and the consequences for the euro-zone.

Italian Elections: Brief Hiccup or Fundamental Setback?

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    High-quality implants for large bones: epimedical (Switzerland) AG produces medical implants and surgical instruments. With the support of S-GE, sales in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates grew rapidly.

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