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EFTA-Central America Free Trade Agreement set to enter into force on August 29

EFTA-Central America Free Trade Agreement set to enter into force on August 29
The free trade agreement between EFTA and the two Central American countries Costa Rica and Panama will come into force on August 29 for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as announced by EFTA. More…

SBH UK Newsletter

The Swiss Business Hub UK newsletter provides Swiss and UK companies with a broad overview of its dynamic activities within the business sector. Launched in November 2008, the newsletter offers useful information for Swiss companies looking to set up in the UK, an introduction of Pool of Experts members, details of new market entrants and a wide range of reports on forthcoming trade shows. More…

How Swiss SMEs Profit from Free Trade Agreement with China

How Swiss SMEs Profit from Free Trade Agreement with China
On July 1, Switzerland signed a free trade agreement with China. Following Iceland, Switzerland is the second country in Europe that has the benefit of such an agreement. This gives Swiss SMEs a major advantage over their competitors in the EU. According to estimates, this will mean savings in duties totaling CHF 5.8 billion by the year 2028. In a video interview, Alberto Silini, Head of Consulting for Switzerland Global Enterprise and Bettina Rutschi, Senior Economist for Credit Suisse, talked about the key results of the SME export indicator for the third quarter of 2014. More…

SME Export Study: China and the Emerging Markets Provide Opportunities

SME Export Study: China and the Emerging Markets Provide Opportunities
Credit Suisse has conducted its third study on the success factors for Switzerland's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It shows that one-quarter of all SMEs are active in exports. The mechanical engineering, electrical, and metals industry (MEM) and the watch industry account for two-thirds of the SME exports. While Germany has been the largest export customer for Swiss SMEs, China looks set to gain a lot of ground in the future. Moreover, the cultivation of emerging markets in particular can offer new opportunities for SMEs, explained Nicole Brändle Schlegel, Head of Swiss Industry Research at Credit Suisse. More…

Italy Faces Long Road to Full Recovery

When it comes to encouraging economic recoveries, Portugal, Spain and Ireland have each had their moment in the sun over the last two years. Now, it looks as though it might be Italy's turn. More…

Free trade agreement with China comes into force on 1st July

It is now certain: the free trade agreement between Switzerland and China will come into force on 1st July 2014, almost exactly one year after it was concluded on 6th July 2013. More…

New agreement will benefit the Swiss rail industry

New agreement will benefit the Swiss rail industry
Following the conclusion of the negotiations with the OECD, SERV can now better assist the Swiss rail industry in hedging its export transactions. More…

Energy Efficiency in the Russian Industry

The state policy on energy efficiency began to develop only in 2008 in Russia. The government approved a state energy efficiency improvement program 2020. The Russian authorities are eager to develop the legislation process further. There are already some tools for the support of companies implementing the energy efficient solutions in the industry. Swiss companies can also take advantage of the existing tools in order to promote their cleantech technologies in Russia. More…


Italian Elections: Brief Hiccup or Fundamental Setback?

Stefan Keitel, Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse, talks about the election in Italy and the consequences for the euro-zone.

Italian Elections: Brief Hiccup or Fundamental Setback?

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02. December 2014 - Lyon
Lyon, France

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02. March 2015 - Barcelona
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