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Germany: 67 new charging stations for electric cars

Germany: 67 new charging stations for electric cars
Global Opportunities: With project "ELECTRIC" (European Long-distance Electric Clean Transport Road Infrastructure Corridor) the European Union aims to create an open access fast charging corridor along major highways connecting Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany. More…

S-GE Impulse: MEM – Automotive Industry in our neighbouring Countries / Trends and Opportunities

S-GE Impulse: MEM – Automotive Industry in our neighbouring Countries / Trends and Opportunities
There is an upward trend in the eurozone again. One reason for this is the strong boost from exports which stimulates additional investment in the export industry. Swiss MEM companies can profit from this. S-GE Impulse is the place to seize the opportunity here: MEM. The focus is on cars. More…

Germany: Energy-efficient ICT for SMEs, the Administration and the Home

Germany: Energy-efficient ICT for SMEs, the Administration and the Home
Global Opportunities: With the programme "Energy-efficient ICT for SMEs, the Administration and the Home", the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy promotes innovative projects which aim at reducing the energy consumption in data centres, telecommunication nets, office and home applications. The programme was launched in 2012 and the first results were presented in May 2014.  More…

Swiss households enjoy the world’s highest level of wealth

Global wealth has reached its all-time high with 251,200 Billion Swiss Francs. Switzerland is again leading the ranking of average per capita wealth. More…

Switzerland tops new global Human Capital Index

When it comes to investing in people, Switzerland is way ahead of the curve. In a new global ranking by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Switzerland reached first place – ahead of 121 other countries. More…

ETH Zurich ranked best university in continental Europe

ETH Zurich defended its position as the best university in mainland Europe in the latest World University Ranking of Times Higher Education magazine. Like last year, a total of seven Swiss universities are ranked among the top 200. More…

The Federal Government approves civil use of the Payerne airport

The Federal Office for Civil Aviation (FOCA) has approved the opening of the Payerne (VD) military airport for civil aviation. According to FOCA, up to 8400 movements per year are possible in a long term view. Mainly business flights are planned. More…

Switzerland: Also ranked No. 1 as a tourism nation

Switzerland is, in many respects, one of the world's most attractive locations. Time and time again Switzerland receives top marks as a tourism nation as well. For the fifth consecutive year, Switzerland has been ranked first in the 2013 WEF Travel and Competitiveness Report. It was awarded excellent marks primarily in the areas of safety and security, health and hygiene, public transport, tourism infrastructure and environmental sustainability. More…


Country Information Germany

Country Information Germany
Useful addresses for companies dealing with Germany. Tips for everyday business and social life in Germany. Laws and regulations to be observed in trade with Germany. Overview of the major business sectors. More…

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06. - 08. October 2015 - Hanovre
Hanovre, Germany
Exports from Switzerland 2013
Chemicals and associated products13'394'151'118
Machinery, units, electronics8'177'409'344
Precision instruments, watches and jewellery4'785'011'373
Imports to Switzerland 2013
Chemicals and associated products9'950'769'347
Machinery, units, electronics9'829'144'883

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