SME Export Indicator 3rd quarter 2014: Continued optimism

“All sectors of industry are anticipating rising exports in the months ahead.”

SME Export Indicator 3rd quarter 2014: Continued optimism
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S-GE Market Study: Business Chances for the Swiss – Automotive Cluster in Japan

S-GE Market Study: Business Chances for the Swiss – Automotive Cluster in Japan
As a global market leader, the Japanese automotive industry offers attractive marketing chances to innovative suppliers. Swiss suppliers have similarly great opportunities. A study by Switzerland Global Enterprise explains how they can be used successfully. More…

Free trade agreement overview: Switzerland and EFTA with most global FHA

Switzerland concludes free trade agreements on both a bilateral and, together with EFTA, a multi-lateral level. Both Switzerland and EFTA have vigorously driven forward the expansion of their already widespread free trade network in recent years. The results are clear to see: no country or economic community has concluded as many free trade agreements as Switzerland and EFTA. More…

SBH UK Newsletter

The Swiss Business Hub UK newsletter provides Swiss and UK companies with a broad overview of its dynamic activities within the business sector. Launched in November 2008, the newsletter offers useful information for Swiss companies looking to set up in the UK, an introduction of Pool of Experts members, details of new market entrants and a wide range of reports on forthcoming trade shows. More…

How Swiss SMEs Profit from Free Trade Agreement with China

How Swiss SMEs Profit from Free Trade Agreement with China
On July 1, Switzerland signed a free trade agreement with China. Following Iceland, Switzerland is the second country in Europe that has the benefit of such an agreement. This gives Swiss SMEs a major advantage over their competitors in the EU. According to estimates, this will mean savings in duties totaling CHF 5.8 billion by the year 2028. In a video interview, Alberto Silini, Head of Consulting for Switzerland Global Enterprise and Bettina Rutschi, Senior Economist for Credit Suisse, talked about the key results of the SME export indicator for the third quarter of 2014. More…

SME Export Indicator Q3 2014: Continued optimism

“Export sentiment among Swiss SMEs remains optimistic again heading into the third quarter of 2014,” says Alberto Silini, the Head of Consulting at Switzerland Global Enterprise, in summarizing the results of the SME export prospects survey: “All sectors of industry are anticipating rising exports in the months ahead.” The panel survey of approximately 200 Swiss SMEs has yielded a current SME export outlook index reading of 65.3 points. The index reading was calculated by taking SME export sentiment for the third quarter of 2014 and combining that with actual exports in the second quarter. It is clearly pointing to rising exports because the 50-point mark on the scale of 0 to 100 is the threshold that denotes expansion. More…

Review Africa Business Day 2014 – June 27, Zurich

Over 120 participants joined the Africa Business Day 2014 in Zurich. We thank you all for your participation, and we are happy to share the best impressions and the documentations of the day with you. If you are interested in expanding your business into Africa, please contact us for a personal appointment. More…

Impressions S-GE Impulse: Asia in Geneva

S-GE Impulse: Asia – China and Hong Kong in the spotlight June 26, Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry + Services More…

Impressions S-GE Impulse: Asia

S-GE Impulse: Asia – a two-day journey across Asia. India, Southeast Asia and the Far East are the world's largest growth markets – in terms of area, population, economic potential as well as the diversity of business opportunities. Two days is a tight time frame in which to improve our understanding these huge regions. But it's certainly enough, as demonstrated by S-GE Impulse: Asia, which was held at GDI Rüschlikon between 23 and 24 June. More…

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S-GE Impulse: Food

09. September 2014 - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

S-GE Impulse: Infrastructure

18. September 2014 - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

Pacific Alliance Forum

30. September 2014

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SWISS Pavilion News & Exhibitors

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Cosmoprof Asia

    Cosmoprof Asia, taking place annually in Hong Kong, is the leading and biggest beauty event in the Asia Pacific region. Overall, hardly any other market grows as the cosmetic market does. In demand are high-quality cosmetics and care products, which consider the latest medical and dermatological findings.

  • Mini Swiss Pavilion @ UPAKOVKA/UPAK ITALIA

    News & Aussteller / News & Exhibitors / Nouveautés & Exposants

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Arab Health

    Die jährlich in Dubai stattfindende Arab Health ist nach der Medica die zweitgrösste Messenfür Medizintechnik, Gesundheit, Pharmazie und Dentaltechnik und die grösste Messe in diesen Bereichen im Mittleren Osten. Seit 40 Jahren bietet sie Zugang zu einem schnell wachsenden und wachstumsstarken Markt.

    The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is the largest health care exhibition in the Middle East and the second largest in the world. For nearly 40 years Arab health offers the access to a fast growing and potential-strong market.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ ISM

    Die ISM Köln ist die internationale Süsswaren-Messe und behält ihre Leitfunktion als zentrale Plattform für die internationale Süsswaren- und Knabberartikelwirtschaft.
    Le salon international de la confiserie ISM est le plus grand rendez-vous annuel dédié à la
    confiserie, aux friandises et aux snacks.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Plastindia

    PLASTINDIA – the leading three-annual event for the plastic and rubber industry for the Indian subcontinent

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Sial China

    SIAL CHINA is the unique trade show with a mix of 50% international exhibitors and 50% national exhibitors. It is a must attend show for the F&B segment enterprise, who is looking for its overseas business extension.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ PackTech India

    News & Aussteller / News & Exhibitors / Nouveautés & Exposants

  • SWISS Pavilion @ SIAL Paris

    Le premier salon mondial de l'industrie alimentaire!

    Weltweit bedeutendste Leitmesse der Lebensmittelindustrie!

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

    SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

  • SWISS Pavilion @ CMEF Spring

    We are back!

SWISS Pavilion trade fairs

SWISS Pavilion @ Medica 2014

12. November 2014 - Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany

SWISS Pavilion @ Pollutec 2014

02. December 2014 - Lyon
Lyon, France

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