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SME Export Indicator Q2 2014: Optimism despite setback in Asia

The outlook for foreign demand for Swiss export goods receded slightly from the previous quarter. It has dimmed particularly for exports to Asian markets. Nevertheless, Swiss SMEs remain just as optimistic as before. Export sentiment hasn’t been this sanguine since mid-2011, and all sectors are anticipating rising exports. Swiss exports are being spurred by growth in the USA and the UK, as well as by the progressing recovery in the euro zone. Those are the findings of the SME export indicator produced by Credit Suisse and Switzerland Global Enterprise. More…

China Offers Opportunities Despite Slowing Growth

China Offers Opportunities Despite Slowing Growth
Slowing economic momentum and concerns over increased default risks in China have rattled investor confidence. But don’t give up on Asia’s largest economy. Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer for Credit Suisse’s Private Banking & Wealth Management division, discusses the outlook and the sectors investors should pay attention to as structural reforms are put in place. More…

New agreement will benefit the Swiss rail industry

New agreement will benefit the Swiss rail industry
Following the conclusion of the negotiations with the OECD, SERV can now better assist the Swiss rail industry in hedging its export transactions. More…


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Energy Efficiency in the Russian Industry

The state policy on energy efficiency began to develop only in 2008 in Russia. The government approved a state energy efficiency improvement program 2020. The Russian authorities are eager to develop the legislation process further. There are already some tools for the support of companies implementing the energy efficient solutions in the industry. Swiss companies can also take advantage of the existing tools in order to promote their cleantech technologies in Russia. More…

SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA Food

SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA Food
SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA 2014 More…

SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA Nonfood

SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA Nonfood
SWISS Pavilion @ PLMA 2014 More…

SBH UK Newsletter

The Swiss Business Hub UK newsletter provides Swiss and UK companies with a broad overview of its dynamic activities within the business sector. Launched in November 2008, the newsletter offers useful information for Swiss companies looking to set up in the UK, an introduction of Pool of Experts members, details of new market entrants and a wide range of reports on forthcoming trade shows. More…

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Matchmaking during Seafood Expo Global in Brussels

06. May 2014 - Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

S-GE Impulse: Europe

14. May 2014 - Zürich-Flughafen
Zürich-Flughafen, Switzerland

S-GE Impulse: Latin America

20. May 2014 - Zürich
Zürich, Switzerland

SWISS Pavilion News & Exhibitors

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Arab Health

    Die jährlich in Dubai stattfindende Arab Health ist nach der Medica die zweitgrösste Messenfür Medizintechnik, Gesundheit, Pharmazie und Dentaltechnik und die grösste Messe in diesen Bereichen im Mittleren Osten. Seit 40 Jahren bietet sie Zugang zu einem schnell wachsenden und wachstumsstarken Markt.

    The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is the largest health care exhibition in the Middle East and the second largest in the world. For nearly 40 years Arab health offers the access to a fast growing and potential-strong market.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Sial China

    SIAL CHINA is the unique trade show with a mix of 50% international exhibitors and 50% national exhibitors. It is a must attend show for the F&B segment enterprise, who is looking for its overseas business extension.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Cosmoprof Asia

    Die jährlich in Hong Kong stattfindende Cosmoprof Asia ist die grösste und wichtigste Fachmesse der Beautyindustrie im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum. Insgesamt wächst der Markt der Schönheitsindustrie weltweit wie kaum ein anderer. Gefragt sind hochwertige Kosmetika und Pflegeprodukte, die neueste medizinische und dermatologische Erkenntnisse berücksichtigen.

    Cosmoprof Asia, taking place annually in Hong Kong, is the leading and biggest beauty event in the Asia Pacific region. Overall, hardly any other market grows as the cosmetic market does. In demand are high-quality cosmetics and care products, which consider the latest medical and dermatological findings.

  • SWISS Pavilion @ PackTech India

    News & Aussteller / News & Exhibitors / Nouveautés & Exposants

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Plastindia

    PLASTINDIA – the leading three-annual event for the plastic and rubber industry for the Indian subcontinent

  • SWISS Pavilion @ SIAL Paris

    Le premier salon mondial de l'industrie alimentaire!

    Weltweit bedeutendste Leitmesse der Lebensmittelindustrie!

  • SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

    SWISS Pavilion @ Food&HotelAsia (FHA)

  • SWISS Pavilion @ CMEF Spring

    We are back!





SWISS Pavilion trade fairs

SWISS Pavilion @ IFAT 2014

05. May 2014 - München
München, Germany

Mini Swiss Pavilion @ SIAL CHINA 2014

13. May 2014 - Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

SWISS Pavilion @ IE Expo 2014

20. May 2014 - Shanghai
Shanghai, China

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