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Kuwait alluring foreign investors

Kuwait alluring foreign investors
With the entry of 2015, Kuwait has put in force a law encouraging foreign investors to grab promising business opportunities in this oil-rich Arab Gulf country.  More…

New free trade agreements, new markets, new opportunities

Following the abolition of the minimum exchange rate against the euro, the strong Swiss franc is even stronger and is therefore becoming a substantial problem again, especially for the Swiss export industry. As a consequence, new markets and additional cost-saving opportunities are again being urgently sought. Free trade agreements offer both of these. A study by Switzerland Global Enterprise explains in detail how SMEs can use free trade agreements in a lucrative manner. More…

Rapid expansion of the railways in the Arab Gulf States

Rapid expansion of the railways in the Arab Gulf States
The Arab Gulf States are currently investing more in railways than anywhere else in the world, with $36 billion having been invested in rail projects in 2013 alone. An overview of the current projects has been compiled by the Swiss Business Hub GCC (in English). More…

New momentum for green building in the Gulf states

New momentum for green building in the Gulf states
It has taken a while, but green building has finally arrived in the Gulf states. And so successfully, that the first supply bottlenecks are already imminent. In other words, this is a market with considerable growth potential. More…

Investments - Kuwait

Investment protection agreement Switzerland - Kuwait. More…

Taxes / VAT - Kuwait

Double taxation agreement between Switzerland and Kuwait. More…


Country Information Kuwait

Country Information Kuwait
Useful addresses for Swiss companies who have dealings with Kuwait. Tips for everyday business and social life in Kuwait. Laws and regulations to be observed in trade with Kuwait. Overview of the major business sectors. More…

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Exports from Switzerland 2013
Precision instruments, watches and jewellery206'853'146
Chemicals and associated products135'453'966
Machinery, units, electronics51'192'200
Imports to Switzerland 2013
Precision instruments, watches and jewellery54'541'521
Chemicals and associated products2'050'625
Machinery, units, electronics1'343'024

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