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Sanctions relating to the Ukraine cris

Sanctions relating to the Ukraine cris
It is not easy for Swiss SMEs to find their way through the maze of sanctions relating to the Ukraine crisis, but a new guide is helping to provide the necessary overview. More…

Russia is back with the TIR Convention

Russia is back with the TIR Convention
The Russian authorities are restoring the transit procedure for vehicle cargo transportation with the use of TIR Carnets. More…

Russia: A strong boost for the construction of Data Centers

Russia: A strong boost for the construction of Data Centers
Global Opportunities: Data center services are booming because of a law restricting the storage of personal data on foreign servers and the ruble devaluation, making the storage of data abroad more expensive. More…

Russia: transition phase for conformity documents according to GOST standards now ended

Numerous new Technical Regulations came into force in the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on 13 February 2013. There was a transition period of two years for conformity documents according to GOST standards. This period expired on 15 March. Since then, the new Technical Regulations have applied in (almost) all cases. More…

Swiss Pilot Project in Russia: ‘Catalysts for Urban Transformations’

‘Catalysts for Urban Transformations’ (CUT) is a pilot project in Russia elaborated by a Swiss consortium for urban development. More…

Swiss households enjoy the world’s highest level of wealth

Global wealth has reached its all-time high with 251,200 Billion Swiss Francs. Switzerland is again leading the ranking of average per capita wealth. More…

Energy Efficiency in the Russian Industry

The state policy on energy efficiency began to develop only in 2008 in Russia. The government approved a state energy efficiency improvement program 2020. The Russian authorities are eager to develop the legislation process further. There are already some tools for the support of companies implementing the energy efficient solutions in the industry. Swiss companies can also take advantage of the existing tools in order to promote their cleantech technologies in Russia. More…

Switzerland tops new global Human Capital Index

When it comes to investing in people, Switzerland is way ahead of the curve. In a new global ranking by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Switzerland reached first place – ahead of 121 other countries. More…


Country Information Russia

Country Information Russia
Useful addresses for Swiss companies who have dealings with Russia. Information and advice on everyday business and social life in Russia. Laws and requirements to be observed when trading with Russia. Overview of the major branches of the economy in Russia. More…

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S-GE Impulse: Food

15. September 2015 - Winterthur
Winterthur, Switzerland

SWISS Pavilion News & Exhibitors

SWISS Pavilion trade fairs

mini SWISS Pavilion @ interplastica & UPAKOVKA 2016

26. - 29. January 2016 - Moscow
Moscow, Russia
Exports from Switzerland 2013
Chemicals and associated products1'086'430'029
Precision instruments, watches and jewellery604'258'203
Machinery, units, electronics562'190'353
Imports to Switzerland 2013
Chemicals and associated products271'171'131
Precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones238'371'504
Precision instruments, watches and jewellery73'861'182

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