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Hot Spots for Biotech

Hot Spots for Biotech
The life sciences industry is booming and offers excellent prospects. However, there is also a great deal of pressure on innovation and internationalization in this industry. It is no wonder that importance is attached to locations which have attractive framework conditions and good links to the international economy. Three of the world’s most renowned hot spots for biotech will be giving presentations at S-GE’s Life Sciences impulse event. The event will also address the export potential for the industry and what a company needs to bring with it, in order to be successful internationally. More…

London Trade Mission: Swiss technology for the ‘steam engine’ of the financial industry

London is the international centre for the development of new technology for the financial sector (FinTech). Switzerland Global Enterprise took a group of Swiss entrepreneurs and association representatives on a trade mission to the metropolis which is pressing ahead with the industrialization of banks and insurance companies. This is fertile ground for clever and innovative Swiss business ideas. More…

Looking back on the ICT Trade Mission UK

Thank you for having been a part of S-GE’s ICT Trade Mission UK in London. We sincerely hope that the people and businesses you got to know during those two days opened new doors and business opportunities for you in the UK’s finance and security tech industry. On this closed user group homepage you can find the documentations and presentations of the companies involved. More…

UK: Big Data – the next frontier of innovation

UK: Big Data – the next frontier of innovation
Global Opportunities: Big Data has been a buzz word for some time. The year 2013 can in many ways be considered as a breakthrough year for the concept of ‘big data’ in terms of increased awareness. With an ever growing volume of information being generated by businesses, clients and individuals, the potential to analyse and utilise this intelligence will prove vital to how businesses and countries develop and operate. This in turn has provided huge potential for companies in the big data industry. More…

Swiss households enjoy the world’s highest level of wealth

Global wealth has reached its all-time high with 251,200 Billion Swiss Francs. Switzerland is again leading the ranking of average per capita wealth. More…

UK: Smart Meter Roll-out

UK: Smart Meter Roll-out
Global Opportunities: Between 2015 and 2020 the UK government aims at equipping all households and companies with a total of 53 million smart meters. More…

FinTech – Great Britain as the first step into the world of ICT

FinTech – Great Britain as the first step into the world of ICT
Great Britain is investing in new technology more than any other country. This innovative financial centre for FinTech and IT security products offers Swiss ICT companies extremely interesting opportunities, especially if they wish to establish themselves internationally. More…

North of England cities investing £15 billion in transport infrastructure

North of England cities investing £15 billion in transport infrastructure
Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield want to once again play a more prominent role, economically, on the island and challenge London’s increasing dominance. Initially, the five largest cities in the north of England are primarily concerned with extensively expanding their transport infrastructure and networking better amongst themselves and internationally. £15 billion is to be invested in this project in the next few years. More…


Country Information UK

Country Information UK
Useful addresses for Swiss companies who have dealings with UK. Tips for everyday business and social life in the UK. Laws and regulations to be observed in trade with the UK. Overview of the major business sectors. More…

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