You want to expand and achieve success abroad. Whether you are exporting for the first time or planning to expand your international presence, we will provide you with the correct support in each case. The particular advantages we offer are our experience and competence in internationalisation, the neutrality of our advice and our global network.

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Export Preparation

You are in the process of internationalisation and have a number of questions on export business. You are looking for support and answers from experienced specialists. You are aware that sound preparation is key to success abroad. Our services support you, the entrepreneur, in finding the right approach.

Country Analysis

Choosing the right market and really understanding that market is a challenging task. We will help you to achieve this with our network and many years of experience. Only the entrepreneurs who invest in the correct markets will achieve success.

Market Entry

You want to build up your market presence quickly and in an optimal way. A professional analysis and clarification of potential are the key to your success. Together with our specialists, you will arrive at recommendations as to how your company can best tap into the market.

Business Partners

Success abroad depends almost entirely on the correct business partners in the marketplace. Take some time and identify precisely which partnership is the best one for you. We can open doors to interesting business partners and pave the way for collaborations thanks to our network of contacts.

Global Implementation

You want to strengthen your international market presence and open up other countries or optimise existing markets. Our services cover over 100 countries, providing information, consultancy and contacts. We know the problems involved with local implementation and can support you with the optimum preparation for this.

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Online Tools

Switzerland Global Enterprise can provide an extremely wide range of online tools which can assist you in various areas of internationalization.


Duty-free in 6 steps - how to benefit from free trade agreements.

Customs Database

Query of customs tariffs worldwide.


Test your export fitness.


Effective management of export risks.

Market Navigator

Are you looking for a suitable export country? Our new online tool will help you to make an initial selection.