New worlds, new markets

Kurt van Schellenbeck

Kurt van Schellenbeck has worked as a company and country manager in 6 different countries on 3 continents.

Sales manager, managing director and country manager, Kurt van Schellenbeck has been active in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore. Apart from in the USA, where he built up a small family firm with his brother, Kurt van Schellenbeck always worked for ‹ABB› Company (formally Brown Boveri). He ran units ranging from departments of 15 people to enterprises of 1300 staff.

His “speciality” is the restructuring/rehabilitation and the market- and demand-oriented development and expansion of enterprises.

His hobby is intercultural cooperation. He gives courses at the ABB University on “Intercultural Communication with Business Partners from Southeast-Asia”.

He has been a member of the SIPPO advisory board since 2000 and President of the Advisory Council since November 2007.