Key Advantages

Ideal Strategic Location
  • Three of the four largest European markets and economies are neighboring countries of Switzerland
  • Communications and transportation center between northern and southern Europe
Flexible Labor Market / Highly Skilled Workforce
  • Liberal labor law, employer-friendly regulations
  • Low unemployment, high labor force participation rate
  • Motivated, loyal and well educated workforce with good foreign language skills and above-average international experience
First-Class Infrastructure / High Quality of Life
  • Extensive network of road, rail and air connections
  • Reliable supply of energy, water and communications services
  • First-class healthcare system
  • Safe cities, undamaged environment
Competitive Tax Conditions
  • Moderate tax rates which are able to compete with the rest of Europe
  • Low duties, levies and other charges
  • Attractive tax planning options
Leading Center of Innovation
  • Practice-oriented basic education and training, universities and technical colleges that conduct world-renowned research, internationally prestigious private schools and boarding schools 
  • Integration of research and business practice, participation in international research exchange
  • Support for putting innovation into practice
World-leading Industry Clusters
  • Globally unique concentration of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Important financial center
  • Market leader in the luxury watch industry
  • Globally important location for commodities trading despite scarcity of raw materials
  • Leading neutral location for headquarters of European organizations
 Secure Legal Framework
  • Easy system for establishing a company, practice-based corporate law
  • Efficient official procedures and favorable regulatory environment
  • Comprehensive protection of intellectual property
  • No anti-dumping law
High Degree of International Integration
  • Strong business orientation towards exports; high level of direct investments abroad
  • European Union is Switzerland’s most important trading partner, relationships protected by broad-based, democratically legitimized bilateral agreements
  • English as language of communication along with four national languages
 Efficient Capital Market
  • Wide range of banking and insurance products
  • Favorable interest terms
  • High degree of price stability and low inflation over the long term
Professional Support
  • Competent advisory services
  • Support in establishing contacts and finding business properties
  • Tax relief and potential sources of financial assistance