Spacetek Technology AG

A Better Life on Earth. Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Technology for Higher Product Quality and a Clean & Safe Environment - Real-Time, In-Line, Sensitive! We bring compact and sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometry from space to earth, to the control of industrial processes, product quality, and water safety. Through ground-breaking innovations, our instruments redefine real-time analysis of gases and liquids, enabling higher process efficiency, best product quality and a clean and safe environment. • Our instruments measure gases and liquids in real-time, delivering a full quantitative chemical analysis up to ten times per second, detecting impurities down to part per billion (ppb). • Our instruments are directly integrated into your production equipment and distribution infrastructure, natively designed to be deployed in the field with full remote control and supervision, including live results in real-time and around the clock.

Spacetek Technology AG

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