Tomorrow's Health: How to Innovate in Switzerland

The ideal environment for innovative companies that want to quickly and easily bring new innovations in personalized health to market. 


Although small, Switzerland’s strong life sciences ecosystem offers a dense and experienced network of KOLs, companies, universities and suppliers. Switzerland is home to a globally unique life science cluster featuring multinational companies, startups and SMEs that together build a dense network of medtech, biotech and nanotech companies. The industry benefits from this cluster along the entire value chain to develop, produce and market new products and services all in one place. 

The closeness of the relationship between science and industry in Switzerland is unique – creating a high innovation output. World’s leading universities, first class research facilities and modern patent protection allow Switzerland to remain a strong competitor in R&D of innovative healthcare solutions. 

Start shaping the future of health and benefit from Switzerland's:

  • central location offering direct access to the European market 
  • unique partnering and licensing opportunities 
  • pragmatic and pioneering regulations in the field of emerging technologies 
  • top talent in life sciences and technology

Read our factsheet and learn more about the Personalized Health cluster in Switzerland.


Why Switzerland


Switzerland looks back on a long tradition in life sciences and looks ahead to the convergence of data science and healthcare, ringing in a new era in life sciences. We make medicines personalized and we make health digital. 

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Important technological innovations start their journey in Switzerland before being sent around the world. With its unique ecosystem of innovative startups, multinational pharmaceutical giants such as Roche, Novartis, Bayer or Abbott and world leading research institutes and hospitals, the Basel Area is continuously growing its network of digital health innovators. In one of the most recent COVID-19 examples, Roche Diagnostics International AG, based in Zug, launched a total of 15 new diagnostics solutions in 2020. 

One of several initiatives and accelerators programs in Switzerland is DayOne, which aims to foster collaboration across disciplines and industries in precision medicine and digital health. The Swissbiolabs association in Olten (Solothurn) is specifically aimed at the diagnostics sector. Among other things, it organizes a startup challenge and operates an accelerator.

Switzerland as a business location forms the ideal breeding ground for innovations in medical technology. 

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Switzerland’s Health Valley is a dense network of more than 1,000 companies and 35,000 talents collaborating with 500 research labs to further innovations in life sciences. One of these innovative startups is Sophia Genetics, based in the Canton of Vaud, founded as a spin-off of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL in 2011. Through its AI platform it established the world’s largest data-driven medicine community network and now serves more than 1,000 hospitals worldwide.

Basel is the host city of Intelligent Health AI and the BioDataWorld Congress, two of the world leading conferences for health data science.

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As sports, fitness and medical applications are converging, Swiss wearable tech is capitalising on the proximity to numerous international sports federations, digital health companies and countless medtech global leaders. The density and thematic scope of health and disease management companies as well as academic network substantially contribute to the center of competence in health and disease management. The competence base for sensors, microtechnics, miniaturization, efficiency of electronics supply are just some of the strengths that distinguish Switzerland as a business location. 



“Switzerland is like one lab in a way” states Professor Geoff Richards, Director of the AO Research Institute Davos. The unique situation of close collaboration between industry and academia is extremely profitable for research translation and bringing forward valuable innovations. Research institutes are crucial in shaping the digital future of medicine thus, numerous Swiss research institutes focus on educating the next generation of innovators, connecting know-how and expertise for a cohesive pipeline of innovations and translating these findings through industry collaborations, startups and early-stage investments.

This seamless network allows Switzerland to position itself as one of the most innovative countries and remain competitive in an evolving industry.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Success stories

"We believed that in Switzerland we could find complementary people to strengthen our teams."

The leadership team of Incepto Medical with Patrice Jacquier, Head of Swiss Business Hub France, and Michaël Ehrlich, Head of Investment Promotion, at the Swiss Business Hub France.
Incepto Medical
Incepto Medical is a Paris-based company that co-creates and distributes AI apps for medical imaging. Their goal is to be the “Netflix of medical...
Success stories

“The deciding factors were time to market and the proven track record of the Bern site.”

Martin Schaeren, Senior VP and General Manager at CSL Behring AG
CSL Behring
For over a century, CSL Behring (CSLB) has kept its founding promise to help patients suffering from rare and serious diseases. It specializes in...
Success stories

“Switzerland offers attractive and stable conditions for international companies.“

Christiane von der Eltz, General Manager and Managing Director at Merck Switzerland AG
Science and technology leader Merck has been in Switzerland for almost a century. Today it has eight sites, including five manufacturing faciliti...
Success stories

“We have all of the parts of the value chain here, from R&D to manufacturing to commercialization.“

Patricia Gee, Director in Life Sciences at Deloitte
Switzerland is an important hub for the life sciences industry. It is the second largest exporter of packaged medicines in the world and home to ...
Success stories

European Headquarters and Tech Hub in Rotkreuz

dentist and patient with aligner
Align Technology
Align Technology is a leading medical device company in the dental industry with headquarters in California and over 17,000 employees worldwide.&...

CSL Behring opens new manufacturing facility in Bern

CSL Behring Protinus Inauguration
Leading global biotech company CSL Behring has recently inaugurated a new state-of-the-art immunoglobulin manufacturing plant in the Swiss canton...
Success stories

“Switzerland has a good microclimate for life science companies”

Andreas Wieland
Hamilton is a global high-tech medical and sensor technology company that currently employs around 1.200 staff members. Its European headquarters...
Success stories

Roivant Sciences: Reinventing what a large pharma company of the future might look like

Roivant Sciences
Roivant Sciences was founded in New York by a young investor and entrepreneur, Vivek Ramaswamy. In 2016, the company opened its global headquarte...
Success stories

“Davos is very well connected in the world.”

Geoff Richards
AO Research Institute
The internationally renowned AO Research Institute is located in Davos, in the Canton of Grisons. Professor Geoff Richards, Director of AO Resear...
Success stories

"Switzerland managed to quickly bring a selection of top industrial areas to the table."

lab from the inside
One of the pioneers in biotechnology, Biogen, is building its next-generation biologic manufacturing facility in Luterbach, Switzerland. It will ...
Success stories

Santen Pharmaceutical

Santen Pharmaceutical
Santen Pharmaceutical
Santen found a proximity to pharmaceutical and life science clusters in Geneva
Success stories

Educated workforce and a strong business environment

PaxVax Berna
PaxVax, founded in 2007, is an American specialty vaccine company with its headquarters in Redwood City, California. In 2014 the life sciences fi...
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