Square One : a global center for the Economy of Trust

SICPA, the world's main supplier of ultra-securitized ink for bank notes, is building a unique campus in Lausanne to bring together diverse partners promoting the Economy of Trust. In a world where trust is ever more at risk, the goal is to develop new products, services and regulations to protect the interest of citizens.

SICPA building in Prilly
SICPA is building a unique campus in Lausanne dedicated to the Economy of Trust.

With the launch of Square One, SICPA has taken on the challenge of linking the security of the physical world with its digital counterpart in order to protect goods and people from the vulnerabilities created by today’s global digitalized economy and governance. The Square One campus is designed to provide around 77,000m2 of flexible space for governments and international corporations, universities and entrepreneurs sharing the ambition of building the future of the Economy of Trust. The masterplan for the buildings – some of which will be operational by the end of 2021 – was the idea of award-winning architectural group Foster + Partners.

Three objectives and three main partners

Based in Western Switzerland, Square One provides a secure and supportive environment to invent the systems and technologies that will underpin the societies of tomorrow. The project has three objectives : to become the capital of the Economy of Trust, through its on-site tenants and the organization of events ; to offer physical and digital meeting spaces to members of the network and external partners to collaborate and develop ideas that will shape the Economy of Trust ; and to foster the future of the Economy of Trust by becoming the premier professional network focused on disruptive, ethical and sustainable trust technologies.

The Canton of Vaud is fully supportive of this unique private initiative launched by SICPA. Founded in 1927, the Swiss company has been focused on enabling trust since its inception. Square One also has a unique partnership with the EPFL Innovation Park.

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