What’s the secret to success of crisis-proof companies?

Learn from our crisis champions what Swiss companies need to be doing now to emerge from the crisis stronger.


Strong in the crisis, even stronger out of it

With a “we can do it” attitude, crisis champions overcome exceptional situations like the COVID-19 crisis intelligently and to their own advantage. They’re continually searching for new niches within their area of specialism, they innovate together with customers and suppliers, and they’re always one step ahead of their competitors, even in emergencies.

6 traits enabling successful long-term crisis management

In collaboration with economiesuisse, PwC has identified the following traits of crisis champions:

  • Resilience
  • Customer focus
  • Focus on a niche
  • Innovation culture
  • Internationalisation
  • Personality

Read the study and find out the secret to success of crisis-proof companies like Thermoplan, Bank Zimmerberg and PEAX. We show you how these companies have dealt positively with the crisis.

Our recommended actions for you

A crisis calls for transformation – before, during and after. This is a matter of corporate culture, in which the HR department has a big part to play. After all, every profound change has a huge impact on people and their capabilities. Recognising this, crisis-proof companies express solidarity with their personnel, reduce personnel costs in an intelligent way, think in scenarios and take action while giving consideration to what will happen afterwards.

Human resources – in addition to crisis management, digitalisation and IT security – is thus one of the areas of action in which we have three concrete recommendations to make to you. Download the study.


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