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Discover how you can benefit from Switzerland's strong investor base and several accelerator programs to support the launch and growth of your life science company. 


Switzerland's capital-rich investor base, strong banking system, and leading industry expertise have made it the premier life science ecosystem in Europe. The Swiss stock exchange SIX is the leading exchange for life sciences companies in Europe, representing about a third of the European life sciences market capitalization. With a location in Switzerland, you are therefore well-positioned to list on SIX and raise capital for scientific discovery through to market launch.  

Record-Breaking Financing Year 

In 2020, the Swiss biotech industry experienced a record-breaking year in terms of financing activities. Approximately 3.4 billion Swiss francs were raised, with public companies collecting almost 2.7 billion Swiss francs of fresh capital. Currently, there are at least 132 venture capital investors in Switzerland who invest in digital health, with many also investing in life science startups. The following list shows the five largest digital health financing rounds in the Swiss digital health sector in 2021:

  • Oviva (, a provider of an app-based solution to manage conditions such as diabetes, raised a series C round of CHF 73.1 million.
  • Aktiia (, an operator of a clinically proven blood pressure monitoring solution in the form of a wristband for around-the-clock monitoring, closed a series A round of CHF 17.5 million.
  • Scewo (, a developer of assistive devices for people with limited mobility, raised a series A round of CHF 8.5 million.

Foreign investors also continue to value Switzerland as a location: Alentis Therapeutics recently received 105 million US dollars in a C funding round, which it will invest in the phase I and II programs for two antibodies targeting Claudin-1, and Noema Pharma, which specializes in debilitating diseases of the central nervous system, raised CHF 103 million as part of a Series B financial round.

Innovation Boost and Tax Incentives

Switzerland's startup scene is thriving, with biotech leading the way. According to the 2021 Swiss Venture Capital Report, the biotech startup sector grew by over 31% in 2020. With Switzerland as location, your company will have access to first-class technology and innovation park infrastructures, alongside research institutions that help to promote startups and spin-offs.  

Several jurisdictions in Europe, Switzerland among them, have comparatively low corporate tax rates and offer tax breaks and holidays for investment projects in the Life Sciences sector. This incentivizes and promotes the growth of the industry.

Collaborations with Hospitals, Insurances and Pharma Companies

There is a possibility for collaborations between scale-ups and Swiss hospitals, especially with larger hospitals (for example the five university hospitals and some major center hospitals, such as Kantonsspital Baden, Kantonsspital Luzern, and large private clinics like Hirslanden). Some hospitals like USZ have individual innovation programs available, which they use to support startups. Startups that support the medical decision-making process, treatments, and therapies have definite advantages, especially if they are also favored by individual doctors and clinics. 

Health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies also have startup support programs running. For example, CSS invests in startups via Swiss Health Ventures and Helsana via Helsana Health Invest AG, while Novartis is very active via the Novartis Campus in Basel.

Funding: Accelerator Programs and Incubators in Switzerland 

Switzerland has several accelerator programs and incubators that support scientists and entrepreneurs in launching and growing exceptional life science companies. To ensure compatibility, we offer you our support in comparing and finding the right accelerator program for your business. We are also happy to provide you with an introduction to the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse, which offers funding for innovation projects, networking, training, and coaching. 

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