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New guide for Swiss SMEs

Preventing corruption in business partner relationships

Corruption has spread substantially around the world and is increasing in many places. This means that export-oriented Swiss companies in particular often find themselves confronted with corruption and the associated risks. Particular risks arise when companies work with agents, local sales partners and other third parties. A new guide from the Swiss chapter of Transparency International (Transparency Switzerland) supports SMEs in adequately dealing with such risks. 


Risks when cooperating with local business partners abroad

For export-oriented SMEs in particular, collaboration with business partners who have the required local knowledge and suitable contacts on location offers huge opportunities. However, there is a risk that companies who behave with integrity may become embroiled in corrupt actions through their business partners. For this reason, focused corruption prevention in relation to business partners is both important and worthwhile. It enhances the integrity and reputation of the company and simultaneously protects against financial losses and consequences under criminal law.

New guide on the subject of “business partner risks”

In collaboration with experts from corporate practice, Transparency Switzerland has developed a new guide on the subject of “business partner risks” aimed specifically at Swiss SMEs. The guide provides a compact overview of effective and cost-efficient measures that small and medium-sized businesses in particular can use to identify corruption risks in their business partner relationships and to get them under control. There are practical suggestions relating to key tools, such as risk analyses for business relationships and risk-appropriate integrity checks for business partners.

The guide is available free of charge on the Transparency Switzerland website online and as a download under:

Additional tools for preventing corruption

The new guide is part of a comprehensive series of tools provided by Transparency Switzerland for preventing and combating corruption in SMEs. It supplements the fundamental SME “Corruption prevention” guide and the associated checklist for self-evaluation, as well as the two subject-specific guides “Dealing with whistle-blowing” and “Gifts and invitations.”

The entire series is available free of charge on the Transparency Switzerland website online and as a download under the section “Advice and guides (DE).”

 About Transparency International Switzerland

Transparency International Switzerland (“Transparency Switzerland”) is the Swiss chapter of Transparency International, the world’s leading non-governmental organization in the fight against corruption. Transparency Switzerland is dedicated to the prevention and combating of corruption and money laundering in Switzerland and in the international business relationships of Swiss companies. Transparency Switzerland carries out sensitization and advocacy work, creates reports and tools, promotes dialog among specific interest groups, collaborates with other institutions, and comments on current events.

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