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Argentina: Opportunities for Swiss cleantech SMEs

In Argentina, laws were passed that renewable energy sources should represent 20% of national electricity consumption until 2025. Since at present such participation is 1.8%, strong investments are needed to achieve this goal in the coming years. Swiss cleantech companies can benefit.

Argentina: renewable energy sources to represent 20% of national electricity consumption until 2025.
Argentina: renewable energy sources to represent 20% of national electricity consumption until 2025.

And nothing more conducive to it than the new context political and economic situation that the country has since 2015, in which the government is once again working to insert Argentina in the world and taking measures to liberate and integrate their economy such as: eliminations to exchange restrictions, agreements with holdouts, readjustment of the public tariffs and elimination of imports, among others.

Argentina: Ministry of Energy and Mining to tender for renewable energy
Through Resolution 275-E / 2017 published recently in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Energy and Mining launched Round 2.0 of the “RenovAr” program to tender the generation of renewable energy for 1200 MW. Of this total, 550 MW correspond to wind power, 450 MW to solar photovoltaic energy, 100 MW to biomass, 35 MW biogas, 15 MW to biogas from landfills (a category that was not in tenders 1 and 1.5), and 50 MW of mini hydroelectric projects.

Secondly, a maximum price was established for each type of energy: u$s 56.25 for wind, u$s 57.04 per MWh for solar; U$s 110 for biomass; U$s 160 for biogas; U$s130 for landfill biogas and u$s105 for mini hydropower. In the cases of solar and wind, since these technologies are more developed, prices are lower than those obtained in previous tenders, and in the rest of technologies the maximum price was established higher, with incentives for scale, to boost their development.

Another difference is that on this occasion from the RenovAR 1.0 is that the World Bank provided a guarantee of up to US $ 250 million to respond to an eventual non-compliance by the Wholesale Electricity Market Management Company (CAMMESA). That is, half of the figure committed in the previous rounds, which was $ 480 million for those developers who request it.

The list of bases and conditions will be sold until October 11, with a value of $ 90,000 for projects up to 6 MW of power, and $ 180,000 for those who exceed. The submission of A (technical proposal) and B (economic) will be on 19 October and the publication of the evaluations on 20 and 23 November, respectively.

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