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Metrô São Paulo plans to have new automatic doors installed

In order to promote security and efficiency, the company will launch bidding for contractors to install doors in 36 stations. The estimated cost is around 70 million Brazilian reais (approx. 18 million Swiss francs). The project will be implemented over a period of 56 months.

São Paulo plans to install automatic doors in the stations of the metro system

São Paulo metro system

The São Paulo metro system is operated by Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo, a mixed-capital company responsible for the planning, design, construction and operation of the subway transportation system in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. Since the state government is the majority shareholder, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Transportation Department of the State of São Paulo. The private companies ViaQuatro and ViaMobilidade operate the 4-yellow and 5-lilac subway lines, respectively.

Reduce accidents and improve fluidity

The public company’s plan, under the management of Governor Márcio França, was devised because of a 41% increase in accidents and interference from 2015 to 2017. Besides safety, the project aims to improve the fluidity of the subway lines, which should no longer suffer from disruptions to operations. In 2017, each interruption of the line caused delays of over four minutes, on average.

The project in brief

In the coming weeks, an international bidding notice will be posted to hire a company to install 88 automatic doors in 36 stations of the 1-blue, 2-green and 3-red lines, the three oldest in the São Paulo metro system. The new platform doors must be at least 2.10 meters high and programmed to open only after the train stops at the platform. Currently, only 20 stops (out of 70 in total) have such doors.

Costs are estimated at 70 million Brazilian reais (18 million Swiss francs). Metrô São Paulo states that the project has already been budgeted for 2019. The implementation period for the security devices will be over 56 months (four and a half years). All the documents and specifications related to the tender are accessible under this link through searching the Process Number 10002680.

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Map of the Metrô São Paulo


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