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China Bluetech Award: technologies that counter air pollution wanted

China wants to get its air pollution under control. One measure to achieve this is the “Bluetech Award”: an award for outstanding clean-air technologies, which Swiss cleantech companies can apply for.

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Air pollution has been a major problem in China for years. It is the dark side of rapid economic growth, which has brought hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. For some years now, the Chinese government has been taking measures to combat air pollution. 

Award for outstanding clean air technologies

One of these measures is the establishment of the state organization “Clean Air Alliance of China” (CAAC). The CAAC is committed to the promotion and development of clean-air technologies. To this end, the organization annually presents the Bluetech Award: an award for outstanding technologies to prevent and control various forms and sources of air pollution.

The Bluetech Award will be presented for the fifth time this year. Technologies are awarded in the following categories:

  • Diesel engine emission reduction technologies & clean energy substitutes; emission control for coal combustion & replacement based on clean energy (non-energy);
  • Coal combustion emission control & clean energy substitutes (non-power sector);
  • VOCs substitution and pollution prevention;
  • Indoor air pollution control;
  • Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring;
  • Innovative waste incineration emission control and its substitution technology

Price: Access to China's clean air technology market

A committee assesses and evaluates the entered technologies with regard to their excellence, their concrete environmental impact and their financial feasibility. The committee is comprised of technical experts, industry experts and test specialists.

Technology companies from all over the world can take part in the competition. According to the CAAC, all winners will have access to relevant Chinese government officials, companies, investors and other key players in China's rapidly growing clean air technology market.

Further information about the award and the application process can be found here.

The closing date for entries is June 30, 2019.

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