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Germany’s digital health care transition poses rising opportunities for Swiss health care start-up companies

With Germany’s health care system in the state of upheaval, the digital health care movement is proceeding with unprecedented speed. The innovative Swiss start-up mentality, which is mainly attributed to the favorable rules & regulations Swiss companies face while founding and developing innovative business ideas besides the beaten track, allows to seize these rising opportunities now. Join the Swiss Start-Up Tour Digital Health on their roadshow through Germany in Mai 2019 and meet the digital health Swiss start-up community as well as German health care interlocutors!

Digital Health Care

Nowadays, the words eHealth, health 4.0 or digital health are keywords undoubtedly not only discussed by people operating in the health care sector, but also among governments, companies, innovative tech start-ups and digital health consumers. With the rise of the internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, new opportunities have emerged that will fundamentally change the way the health care sector has operated so far. This shall be achieved by the interconnectivity of technological devices, patients, hospitals, doctors and many other actors. Such as (list not exhaustive):

Trend Health:

  • Wearables (tracking health & fitness apps)
  • Mobile Apps (education, online consultation with doctor, digital pharmacy ecommerce)


  • EHR (electronic health record to track the patients’ medical records anywhere at any time)
  • eMedication (setting up a medical plan, eDoctor’s prescription management)

Tech Health:

  • 3D print for prostheses or individual
  • Robotics executing operations or supporting in the care sector

The goal of this movement is to provide the patient with a more efficient and higher quality holistic health care service - anywhere at any time.

Global Outlook on Digital Health

This movement has been recognized internationally at an early stage as a high potential market. With a yearly sales growth rate of 21.1% the global digital health market is growing at a fast pace. The forecasts depict, that by the year 2020 the worldwide sales revenue of the digital health market will exceed 200-billion US dollar, which states a growth rate of the 2.6 fold compared to the year 2015.

Favourable Start-Up Climate in Switzerland

Currently, Switzerland has approximately 130 start-up companies in the health care sector shaping this new movement. Several platforms have emerged that promote the exchange of science, research and legal aspects among companies, government, hospitals and many other stakeholders. Not only has the innovative mind set of the Swiss contributed to this development (Ranked 8x in a row the most innovative country in the world by World Intellectual Property Organization) but also the favourable regulatory framework. This allows Swiss entrepreneurs to seek innovative solutions besides the beaten track!

Join the Swiss Start-Up Tour Digital Health Road Show in Germany

We are organising the Swiss Start-Up Tour Digital Health in Germany this Mai 2019, and invite all Swiss start-ups in the health care sector to pitch their idea in Germany! Moreover, we kindly invite you to register as a participant at any of the five locations around Germany.

Find more information regarding the event here.

Find out which start-ups have registered so far here.

 You want to pitch your idea? Please register here.

In case you would like participate as a guest at the event please register here.


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