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Raise of funds for Australian rail infrastructure

Significant increase of rail construction and maintenance activity forecasted 2022-2028

The Australian Railway Association and Bis Oxford Economics published in their recent Australian Rail Market Outlook an overview and forecast of the sector.

Raise of funds for Australian rail infrastructure

More detailed information compiled especially for Swiss suppliers of the industry can be found in our report and event recording Australia - Rail and Rail Infrastructure.

2021-22 the construction and maintenance activity accounted for a record 12.9 billion AUD spending (approx.8 billion CHF). For the next five years due to a significant number of large railway infrastructure projects an average spending of around 14.4 AUD (approx. 9 billion CHF) is planned; over the next 15 years, the investment is expected to amount to 154 billion AUD (approx. 100 billion CHF) overall. 

The development of the rail infrastructure, caused by population growth, urban expansion and environmental concerns, include a significant number of heavy haul, freight and passenger projects. It is driven by projects in the east coast states (77% of major project work in 2023-24) and funded mainly publicly. Megaprojects like Sydney Metro, Inland Rail and the Melbourne Airport Rail Link play an important role midterm.

Western Australian (WA) rail activity, whilst historically heavily driven by private funding, will be boosted over the next two years as the WA Government’s METRONET program ramps up, while activity in the Australian Capital Territory will increase in 2023-24 due to the Canberra Light Rail Stage 2 development.

Rail maintenance activity is expected to increase, due to rising rail remediation works given the increasing frequency of climate change-influenced events.

Source: Australian Rail Market Outlook

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