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Turkey: Bids for bridge construction in January 2017

Turkey to seek bids for $3 billion bridge over the Dardanelles in January 2017. The construction industry remains a leg for the Turkish economy to stand on, as the highness of its return in particular keeps the demand high for units for investments.

Turkey: Bids for bridge construction in January 2017

Approximately 1.8 million employees work in the building sector and the entire industry constitutes 5.9% of Turkey’s GDP. Also, ongoing urban transformation projects are important leverage for the sector. In urban areas, 178 zones, where almost 1.5 million people live, covering 8,000 hectares, have been declared “risk zones.” Nearly 90,000 buildings, including residential buildings and offices, have been deemed risky. The fact that all of them will be renewed is an important business opening for the sector and the financial support of official authorities is a significant opportunity.  

Turkey will seek bids in January to build and operate a 10 billion lira ($3.25 bln) suspension bridge over the Dardanelles. 


Region: Turkey
Industry: Construction
Time: 2016-2023
Project volume: n/a

Construction on the 3.7-km (2.3-mile) bridge named "Canakkale 1915" is expected to start on March 18, and a tender will be hold and offers taken until January 26, 2017.

Turkey has forged ahead with ambitious infrastructure projects, including one of the world's largest suspension bridges across the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, which opened in August 2016. Other planned megaprojects include the world's biggest airport in Istanbul and a huge canal that would render a large chunk of the city an island.

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