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“Thanks to S-GE, we were able to establish contact with potential distribution partners.”

Member of the month August 2021 – Hydroliq AG

Hydroliq AG, based in Lucerne, is a biotechnology company producing water-based disinfection solutions. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supported the company in finding foreign distribution partners. In an interview, its CEO, Remo Meier, offers insights into international trade and cooperation with S-GE.

Hydroliq AG

Hydroliq develops and produces water-based disinfection solutions without alcohol or synthetic additives. Their unique electrolysis process creates highly stable biocidal products that can rapidly eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi. In contrast to conventional room and surface disinfectants, Hydroliq Pure Water Solutions are completely harmless to people and the environment since no toxic pollutants or residues are created. Hydroliq efficiently decontaminates healthcare facilities, airports, schools, events, gastronomic areas, open-plan offices and more while leaving skin and mucous membranes unaffected. Hydroliq also offers biocide solutions for agriculture, horticulture and the veterinary field. Hydroliq has just started its international journey into the European Union, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. S-GE supports them in the evaluation of potential distribution partners in several key markets.

Mr. Meier, what is the inspiration or idea behind your company?
For us, the theme of sustainability played a key role from the outset. We wanted to bring a highly effective, pollutant-free biocide onto the market that would be entirely safe for humans, animals and nature – with the proviso that there must be no compromises in terms of efficacy or quality. And we managed to do it.

What are your most important export markets and why?
We are still in the early stages of our expansion into international markets. It was important to us that we intensively developed the domestic market in Switzerland first and acquired all the relevant approvals for EU markets. Now, though, we are already working with distribution partners in various EU countries. In Germany and South Africa we've even founded our own subsidiary companies. The markets of the Middle East are likewise very interesting for us, and we also see huge potential in China and Southeast Asia, although we have not yet established any partnerships in this region.

What (positive or negative) surprises have you already encountered in export? 
There have been a few of both, of course. The negative side is perhaps the bureaucratic hurdles on the part of the authorities, which you have to overcome if you are going to get sales approval. You have to go through the entire process again for practically every country. Sometimes you have to think twice about whether it’s really worth the time and costs involved. We often have to take a pretty deep breath and find a local partner that is ready to travel this rocky road with us. On the positive side, it is always nice to see the enthusiasm and passion our products, but also our philosophy, evoke in our partners and customers. 

What are you particularly proud of?
With our small but well-diversified team, we have successfully advanced an existing technology. Our product is still consistently and highly effective even 12 months after it is opened, and this lasting stability remains unique to Hydroliq’s sustainable solution. The laboratory tests carried out by a renowned laboratory astonish us and our customers alike. The product has the potential to revolutionize existing processes in various sectors.

What do you particularly appreciate about Switzerland Global Enterprise’s (S-GE) consultancy?
Since we are currently not particularly well-known internationally and are not able to call on an existing network of relationships in certain target markets, we are happy to make use of S-GE’s services. This means of establishing contact with potential distribution partners in selected markets opens some doors for us.

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