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Member of the Month May 2017 - Hartmetall Estech AG

HARTMETALL ESTECH AG, based in the Seetal valley in Switzerland, produces blanks and ground carbide tools for a wide variety of markets, including the automotive, aerospace, packaging, mechanical engineering, plastics processing, communications, electronics, medical technology, foodstuffs and chemicals industries.

Hartmetall Estech AG

Our carbide products are used for punching, forming, pressing, as slide rings, jets, guides, cutting tools, for wear prevention, machining and special tools.

Our company and its predecessors have concentrated on carbide production technology since 1941. We constantly develop our carbides in terms of metallurgy, as well as with regard to forming and industrial applications. As a result we achieve continuous improvements in terms of hardness and wear-resistance on the one hand and breaking strength and fracture resistance on the other. Particular specialties include our carbides for erosion blocks with corrosion-inhibiting additives, which enable users to manufacture high-precision tools from them, as well as our corrosion-resistant and non-magnetizable, nickel-based carbides. For the latter we have received a certificate from the US FDA authority, specifically for their use in the foodstuff industry.

For many customers the Lucerne-based company is not merely a conventional supplier but also a systems partner. Our metallurgists and engineers find the right carbide and the appropriate forming process for every application, so customers get optimum results from their applications. We are proud of out global technical service and we have set ourselves the goal of providing our customers with competent advice in person. 

Industriestrasse 13
CH-6285 Hitzkirch

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