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Member of the Month February 2018 - La Conditoria, SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND(R)

La Conditoria: Reinventing the Bündner Nusstorte!

A small village bakery in the midst of the Alps is producing “surely the smallest Bündner Nusstorte (Grisons/Graubünden nut pie) in the world”. The company is not only conquering the world market with this product, it can also secure jobs in the mountain region and create new ones. 

Marcel Schmid GmbH

Up until a few years ago, the bakery and confectioner Marcel Schmid GmbH in Sedrun GR was a typical village bakery with a café. However, the declining population of the 1400 m above sea level Romansh-speaking community, the departure of the NRLA construction site and crumbling tourism forced Reto Schmid, owner of the second-generation bakery, to use his innovative spirit. Reto Schmid worked on creating a new form of Bündner Nusstorte. Although the specialty is well-known and loved by locals and tourists, Reto Schmid's turned his attention to negative customer feedback, such as the pie being too calorie-intensive, too big and that it dried out too quickly after slicing. With this in mind, he designed a 19 g light and 4 cm small Bündner Nusstorte. This turned the Grisons pasty specialty into a snack for between meals.  

Entry into the Swiss retail trade

After many hours in the bakery and countless tastings, the packaging had to be designed for the Mini Bündner Nusstörtli® and a brand strategy found before they could be put on the market. But it wasn’t long before the Törtli was to be found on the shelves of well-known Swiss retailers and met with approval from customers. It soon became clear to Reto Schmid that the small Bündner Nusstörtli could be into developed into a sustainable project. 

International ambitions

Reto Schmid didn’t just want to sell the “world’s smallest Bündner Nusstorte” in Switzerland, but also to make the snack known internationally. That's why he founded the food label “La Conditoria, SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND®” and integrated the name “SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND®” into the logo right from the start. Visits to public fairs in Germany showed that the small nut pie also tasted good to foreign palates. Reto Schmid decided to take part in international trade fairs such as the ISM and the ANUGA in Cologne together with SG-E. The decision to also present the brand and product to the world market brought his first successes. In 2017, the company was delivering from the mountains of Grisons to Germany, Austria, Russia, South Korea, Dubai and the USA. In 2018, it has already received an order from Japan. Although the quantities of Bündner Nusstörtli being exported are not yet huge, it is nevertheless a successful start for La Conditoria. 

Other products in snack format 

After the success with the Mini Bündner Nusstörtli, the creative department around Reto Schmid has launched additional new products: these include the Mini Bündner Linzertörtli (small jam tart), Mini Bündner Feigentörtli (small fig pie), Mini Bündner Datteltörtli (small date pie) and other varieties. This product variety also enables a quantitative increase in production. In order to meet demand and continue the success story, La Conditoria in Sedrun is building a new and modern production building this year. The company is thus creating new jobs in the mountain area and making it possible for homesick former Grisons residents to return home. In addition to the production building, an experience factory for tourists and other interested parties will also be created. 

Reto Schmid was honored for his innovation in 2015 with the Swiss Bäckerkrone (baker’s crown). The Zacharias Prize for PR and communication work in the commercial sector followed in 2017.

More information about the company and its Mini products can be found at

Bildgalerie La Conditoria


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