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Member of the month July 2018 - merz+benteli ag

We build on 100 years of experience in gluing and sealing

This year, the Swiss adhesive and sealant specialist for reactive systems is celebrating its 100th anniversary. As an independent company, merz + benteli develops, produces and markets cutting-edge elastic sealants and adhesives.

Member of the month july 2018 - merz+benteli ag

History made with lighting, gluing and sealing
In 1918 Walter Merz and Albert Benteli founded the company of the same name while still studying chemistry; their intention was to produce high-quality adhesives and luminescent materials used in the watch industry. For many decades, the fully synthetic and waterproof adhesive Cementit was part of everyday life in most Swiss households. Today, merz + benteli develops, produces and markets cutting-edge elastic adhesives and sealants of the highest quality.

Locally based, internationally successful
More than 100 employees work for merz + benteli at its site in Niederwangen near Bern. As a niche player in a globally competitive B2B market, the family-owned company focuses on providing solutions for demanding customer requirements. With selected market partners in Germany and abroad, merz + benteli generates annual sales of around 50 million Swiss francs (20% in Switzerland, 80% in exports). With the brands Gomastit for construction applications, Merbenit for industrial applications, and Merbenature made from over 50% renewable raw materials, merz + benteli ag positions itself as a stand-alone and independent specialist for innovative market services in the areas of sealing, gluing and protecting. 

Research secures the future
“Sense today what is needed tomorrow, develop today what must stand the test of time: Quality is our priority. We invest and conduct research to achieve this,” explains the head of Research + Development, Fritz Burkhardt. Studies predict that the sealing and bonding industry has a promising future, because bonding has advantages over conventional, mechanical joining techniques – especially when using weight-reducing plastics and composites.

Commitment to the location of Switzerland
“There are many reasons for merz + benteli’s success. One is ‘Swissness’: Exclusive development and production in Switzerland guarantees consistent product characteristics, constant innovation and strict adherence to environmental standards. We want to write another 100 years of successful Swiss economic history with sealing and gluing,” says Dr. Georges Bindschedler, Delegate of the Advisory Board.

Anniversary book by Walther Thut: “Merz & Benteli: History made with lighting, gluing and sealing.” 
Swiss Pioneers of Business and Technology (Schweizer Pioniere der Wirtschaft und Technik), Vol. 111, published by the Association for Economic History Studies (Verein für wirtschaftshistorische Studien), Zurich 2018.
ISBN 978-3-909059-74-4

Contact merz+benteli ag
Simon Bienz
Director Marketing + Sales
Freiburgstrasse 616
3172 Niederwangen
Tel. +41 31 980 48 48
Fax +41 31 980 48 49


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