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Member of the month July 2019 - Hermes Süssstoff AG

Putting taste above fashion – for over 100 years

The desire for sweetness in everyday life is our motivation. Hermes Süssstoff specialises in high-quality table sweeteners. Founded in 1904, the company distributes and produces not only Assugrin but also the internationally renowned brands Hermesetas and SteviaSweet. Today Assugrin is well known and popular in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Brazil.

Hermes Süssstoff AG

Why does it always have to be something sweet...?
Our bodies' reaction to sweetness is a universal feeling of well-being that has its origins in our genetic make-up. Once a guide for our ancestors to recognize safe and energy-rich foods, sweetness not only ensured the survival of humanity as it evolved, but itself has evolved into a symbol of enjoyment. To this day, taste is newborns’ most important and well-developed sense; intuitive and vital, its draws them to their mothers’ sweet milk. 
This desire for sweetness drives us in everyday life. For all those who want or need to avoid the consumption of sugar, we offer the alternatives to fulfill this desire. 

How do we do it...?
The desire and passion for developing our own recipes arose in close cooperation with associations, nutritionists, athletes and medical diabetes consultants. The delicious results can be found regularly in the recipe of the week on the website of our very own Assugrin. You, too, are invited to let yourself be inspired.

Sought-after contraband...?
Still the most important sweetener in our table sweeteners today, saccharin was discovered by chance in 1878. Around the turn of the last century, Switzerland was regarded as the center of the illegal European saccharin trade: In contrast to the surrounding countries, the sweetener was freely available here only. Because “real” sugar was expensive at that time, the “poor person's sugar” experienced a rapid surge in popularity and a smuggler's paradise emerged: Saccharin was smuggled to Germany, Austria and Italy hidden in coffins, bottles, bicycle tires and candles.

Any coincidences...?
The story of sweeteners is a story of coincidences. The story of Hermes and Assugrin is one of smart decisions. We, Hermes Süssstoff AG, specialize in high-quality table sweeteners and offer our products in all known dosage forms: in the handy dosage dispenser, as powder for preparing delicious cakes, and as liquid in a practical dosage bottle for sweetening drinks or desserts. 

Did you also know that...?
Our company was founded in 1904 and, in addition to Assugrin in Switzerland, we also sell the internationally renowned sweetener brand Hermesetas in over 100 countries – in many of which we are the market leader. Production is carried out in compliance with the highest international product standards. We have excellent local market knowledge and have worked with leading distributors around the world for many years, which is evidenced by the continued success of our products. Production is based in western Switzerland, while the international hub of marketing and sales is located in the heart of Zurich.

In 2010, we added the SteviaSweet brand to our Hermes product family, providing another natural sweetening alternative to sugar. Our youngest family member, the SteviaSweet Honey Sweet, is especially popular. It contains healthy enzymes from honey and valuable fiber from acacia blossoms, but has only half the calories of conventional honey. SteviaSweet products have also been available in our own SteviaSweet online shop since May.

Today, Hermes Süssstoff AG is part of the internationally active Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, which offers a large portfolio of products from the health and cosmetics sectors.

Hermes Süssstoff AG
Ankerstrasse 53
8004 Zürich

Tel: 044 245 43 43
Fax: 044 245 43 35


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