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Member of the month June 2019 - Geobrugg

Geobrugg – high-strength steel mesh for greater safety

Safety is our nature – true to this guiding principle, eastern Swiss company Geobrugg manufactures safety systems using high-strength steel mesh. The first solutions, back in 1958, provided protection against avalanches, and soon the meshes were further developed to protect against other hazards such as rockfalls, earthquakes or unstable embankments. After all, these meshes are flexible, stable, lightweight and inconspicuous within the landscape. They provide lasting protection for people and infrastructure and are cost-effective.

Member of the month June 2019 - Geobrugg

From Lake Constance to the world
Geobrugg is an independent group of companies within the Brugg Group and is based in Romanshorn. 340 employees worldwide, production sites on four continents and offices and partners in more than 50 countries ensure proximity to customers and rapid project implementation. 

The solutions are used on the doorstep in Switzerland, in the Alps or in the Black Forest. Yet they also enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide: Geobrugg installs a large proportion of its solutions abroad. Private and public clients from the USA to Chile, from Scandinavia to South Africa, Japan, Australia or India make use of these high-quality safety meshes.

World record and further development
Since its foundation, Geobrugg has set standards time and again and tests all its systems in large-field experiments that perfectly replicate their intended use. One example is the world’s strongest rockfall protection barrier, which can resist an impact force of 10,000 kJ: That means 25 metric tons falling onto the mesh at over 100 km/h, stopped with a braking distance of eight meters.

Over the last two decades, the eastern Swiss company has also been researching other areas of application. High-strength meshes can now be found all over the world in the mining industry and as special solutions for prisons, test systems, or in industry. Geobrugg protective barriers are also in use the world over on motorsport tracks – often setting the standard for the safety of drivers and spectators.

Geobrugg AG
Aachstrasse 11
8590 Romanshorn


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