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Member of the month March 2019 - Corvaglia Group

With three locations, partners in 15 countries and customers all over the world, the corvaglia group from Eschlikon in Thurgau supplies renowned multinational corporations with closure solutions for PET bottles with great pioneering spirit. As a successful and innovative supplier to the drinks industry, the corvaglia Group has set global standards for plastic closures. corvaglia presides over the entire, fully integrated process chain, from closure design and development, mold making and closure production through to application and technical support.

Corvaglia Group

It's all about caps
Corvaglia's company claim “it's all about caps” aptly describes what they do: everything revolves around the closure. To put it more precisely, everything revolves around the closure the plastic closure of PET beverage bottles. Although this product may seem quite simple to the layperson, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. High quality requirements must be met during development, efficient sealing technology in the filling line and safe and convenient consumer handling must also be ensured.

The product must be adapted to a wide variety of applications: still water, fruit juices or carbonated beverages. Whether the contents be hot, cold or aseptic: a good closure must be safe, easy to produce, to apply and to use.

The corvaglia group successfully masters these requirements. Together with its partner network, it produces 80 billion caps for PET drink bottles annually and exports them all over the world. Last year, the company was awarded the “Prix SVC Ostschweiz” (an award given by Swiss Venture Club to companies in Eastern Switzerland) for its regional roots and innovative products.

Innovation is the corvaglia group’s secret weapon. It is developing ever lighter models, as even small differences in weight can have a big effect on the huge production volume: since 2007, it has held the world record for the lightest industrially applicable beverage cap, saving thousands of tons of plastic annually. In addition, corvaglia played a key role in the almost complete removal of sealing washers from PET drink-bottle closures. “Back when the company was founded in 1991, I already wanted to a produce closure that was technically advanced enough to keep carbonated drinks fresh for a long time without a sealing washer,” explains Romeo Corvaglia, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corvaglia Holding AG. His innovations are now also winning over global corporations such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé.

The former toolmaker founded the company in 1991, when the world switched from glass to PET bottles for drinks. As a mold maker and closure developer, he realized at the time that there was hardly any know-how available in the field of PET drink bottle caps and began to develop injection molds for them. The former sole proprietorship now employs almost 300 people across Eschlikon, a production facility in Mexico and a newly opened factory in the USA: “We hope further locations will follow,” reveals Romeo Corvaglia.

corvaglia Group
Hörnlistrasse 14
8360 Eschlikon
Telephone number 071 973 77 77

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