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Member of the month may 2019 - WALDIS Tresore AG

Every month we put one of our members in the spotlight. This month we introduce WALDIS to you. The Swiss company WALDIS develops, produces and installs burglar-proof safes in Swiss quality work, which belong to the most theft-resistant products available. Thanks to cooperation with global distribution partners, the safes are sold not only in Europe but also in the USA, Russia and Asia.

WALDIS  Tresore AG

Read here more about the firm in the summary of a failed break-in: 
Safecracker Eddy caught thanks to WALDIS safe!

Prosecutor: “OK Eddy, you have confessed and cooperated. That works in your favor. Now I’d like you to answer a few questions for me… So you didn’t know that the company you wanted to rob had a Waldis safe?”

Crook: “Actually, I did. I made a few inquiries on the down-low before; sorry, but I am one of the best – I really thought I’d crack it. I had from Friday night till Sunday, after all. For me, it was a challenge! I even had a meeting beforehand with the new Executive Director of Waldis, Mr. Wirth – incognito, of course – and posed as a customer so that I could discover any weak spots and learn a thing or two!”

Prosecutor: “And what did he tell you?”

Crook: “Mr. Wirth was pretty happy about the quality of his safes. Guaranteed to be crack-proof for 30 years, Swiss quality, perfect functioning, workmanship and design, international customers, and so on. He gave me a tour of the showroom in Rümlang, explained the highlights to me. There are countless variations, and they really do look great. I was all set to buy one if I had managed to crack it! I had to laugh to myself, and I thought: A safe is still just a safe, and safecracker Eddy has an easy job of it, he cracks them all – that’s how it’s always been!”
Prosecutor: “You obviously thought wrong there.”

Crook: “Yes, you’re right. With the Waldis safe I had bitten off more than I could chew! But you are always wiser after the event. I thought, OK, they do have almost 40 years of experience making safes, but I have 30 years of breaking safes, so what could go wrong?!”
Prosecutor: “That’s a good joke! And why did you eventually allow yourself to get caught?”

Crook: “I just lost track of time while I was attempting the break. All that welding, cutting, drilling, hammering – it never ended! Eventually I fell asleep. And suddenly it was Monday morning and the whole workforce was walking through the door.”
Prosecutor: “Tough luck.”

Crook: “It certainly was. Thanks to Waldis safes. So you’ll no doubt believe me when I say I’d never even consider the brand again! Never again!”

Prosecutor: “Exactly! But you won’t be going anywhere fast! You’ve got plenty of time to think about it now.”


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