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Member of the month of November 2018 - Biotta AG

For over 60 years, Biotta manufactory on Lake Constance has been producing the finest, natural and directly pressed organic juices. It places great importance on quality, enjoyment and sustainable production.

Biotta AG

In 1957, organic guidelines, quality seals or certificates did not yet exist. But there was already Biotta carrot juice. The company – at that time still called “Gemüsebau AG Tägerwilen” – was one of the first Swiss agricultural enterprises with an organic focus. The company has been producing vegetable and fruit juices of the best organic quality under the name Biotta since 1961, promoting sustainable organic farming in Switzerland and abroad through close cooperation with organic farmers. Renowned national and international certificates such as Bio Suisse guarantee the controlled quality of the products and manufacturing processes.

Biotta strictly uses no concentrates, artificial additives or added sugar during production and offers 100 percent natural enjoyment in organic quality. With the slogan “No other bottle contains more nature”, Biotta has set itself the goal of bottling the best fruits and vegetables on offer. This ensures that every sip of Biotta is a piece of nature that gives people joie de vivre.

Tradition meets innovation

The Biotta range has grown steadily over the last 60 years. The company has expanded its selections of both classic vegetable and fruit juices and has driving innovations for the specialist and retail trade. Bio Energy, the natural alternative to conventional energy drinks, came onto the market in 2011. Three years later Biotta made the leap into the refrigerated section with the “Veggies”: the fast portion of fruit & vegetables. And at the beginning of 2018, the company launched a product specially created for specialist retailers in the form of Vital Plus, an innovative combination of cranberry juice and Swiss hemp blossom tea. In addition, Biotta has been offering a light version of the classic smoothie for a few years now: the Smoo'Tea.

In Switzerland, health retailers have traditionally been recommending Biotta for generations. In consumer surveys, Biotta is also regularly named as the healthiest juice brand in Switzerland. Potato juice for over-acidified stomach or beetroot juice to support blood pressure reduction is available from specialists. Biotta also has a unique position in pharmacies and drugstores with its Wellness Week, a juice cure that is taken over seven days.

Swiss SMEs with a global orientation

Both Biotta’s office buildings and its production facilities have always been located in Tägerwilen (TG). The company exports there to over 30 countries ranging from Germany, Spain and Belgium, to Australia, the USA, China and South Korea.

Biotta already made the leap to Asia in the 90s. It served markets such as Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong via the Health Food Stores channel. With the health awareness growing amongst the upper middle class in Asia, interest in healthy vegetable juices as “functional food” has grown strongly. In recent years, the company has developed markets such as Malaysia.

Biotta AG
Pflanzbergstrasse 8
CH-8274 Tägerwilen
T +41 (0)71 466 48 48
F +41 (0)71 466 48 49


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