Retailers in South-East Asia are pinning their hopes on Click and Collect

Commercial enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region are pushing digitization in order to be able to compete with the major players in e-commerce. Click and Collect is especially popular.

Trend: Buying products online and collecting them later in the retail outlet
Trend: Buying products online and collecting them later in the retail outlet

The entry of online giants Alibaba and Amazon onto the South-East Asian market is putting pressure on traditional local retailers. To avoid being forced out of the market, they are increasingly investing in digitization, primarily in the Click and Collect function. According to a study conducted by Zebra Technologies, a global technology group, 88% of retailers plan to introduce this function by 2021. Click and Collect offers customers the opportunity to research and purchase their products online, but the collection of the goods takes place in a retail outlet.

Various innovations

Furthermore, as The Business Times in Singapore reports, most of the commercial enterprises surveyed by Zebra plan to use the investments in new technologies at several levels. 76% plan to introduce identification systems in the stores in order to offer customers customized shopping experiences. Sensors and cameras for warehouse management as well as the extensive automation of processes are also planned.

Especially in Singapore, digitization has triggered a multitude of trends and initiatives, including for instance the government program "Go Digital". This is intended to prepare SMEs for the new technologies and make it easier for retailers embrace e-commerce. The numerous activities also open up opportunities for Swiss SMEs.

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