Tracking international consignments with new technology

With its new E-Tracking Light service, Asendia Switzerland relies on RFID technology to enable the tracking of international small goods consignments without the goods having to be sent by registered mail. After a two-year test phase, Asendia Switzerland is one of the first companies worldwide to offer consignment tracking using RFID technology.

Tracking international consignments with new technology

In doing so, Asendia Switzerland is responding to significant customer demand for new inexpensive solutions in the field of e-commerce. The company was keen to position itself in the market early on and launch relevant services. The new value-added service has been available since 1 June 2017.
The low-cost option for consignment tracking (Track & Trace) is available for small consignments of up to 2 kg.

Up to seven stops are recorded during the consignment tracking

E-Tracking Light is based on so-called RFID technology, which uses electromagnetic waves to identify consignments. The system consists of a coded radio label which is attached to the front of the envelope.

The label must be activated before the consignment is mailed. It is then recorded automatically by the antennae in the letter processing centers where up to seven intermediate stops are generated. The last signal from the label is recorded when the consignment enters the domestic sorting system in the destination country. As a prerequisite for E-Tracking Light, the destination country must be equipped with the relevant infrastructure for the technology. E-Tracking Light is supported by the following 19 countries:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the USA.

The various stops of the small goods consignments can be viewed online using the “Track consignments” option on the Swiss Post website within just a few hours of recording the consignment. Delivery to the recipient takes place without a delivery scan or signature.
The E-Tracking Light service offered by Asendia Switzerland is aimed at business customers.

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