The right export strategy for SMEs

To export products and services, Swiss SMEs must be familiar with the market conditions in the target country. However, which business model and which market processing strategy are suitable for which country, in what ways do products reach the customer and what legal requirements do exporters have to observe? Swiss SMEs can get answers to these questions in a non-binding consultation session with Switzerland Global Enterprise.

Non-binding and free export consultation for Swiss SMEs
Non-binding and free export consultation for Swiss SMEs

Customs regulations, data protection, special laws, marketing tools, sales platforms or special cultural characteristics: all markets are different and present specific challenges for Swiss exporters.
To support Swiss SMEs with their export project, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) offers a range of consultations.

In an individual consultation, SMEs benefit from the expertise and network of an S-GE consultant. The meeting takes place either on company premises, over the telephone, video conference or at S-GE, depending on the customer's requirements.

In addition to the company and an S-GE consultant, an employee of the global S-GE network also participates in a country consultation. The network partner usually works in one of the 22 Swiss Business Hubs or 5 trade points, which are located at a Swiss Embassy or a Swiss Consulate-General. The country consultations are regularly held in Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano and Basel; they are non-binding and the first meeting is free of charge. 

You will find an overview of upcoming country consultations in the S-GE event calendar. To the calendar

What can expect from a country consultation and how should you prepare? More in the video:


The key to success is the right network and expertise

Employees of the global S-GE network come to Switzerland on a regular basis to support SMEs in their export projects. According to Alberto Silini, Head of Consultancy at S-GE, they can provide crucial information: “These employees are well acquainted with the market and the underlying conditions in the respective country, have a broad network of relationships and can mediate business partners, customers and experts. Swiss SMEs are thus supported from export idea to implementation.” 

Do you need support in developing your market processing strategy, need a business partner in the target country or want to set up a branch overseas? Register now for a non-binding individual consultation session. Register now


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