How debt enforcement works in Spain

Debt enforcement procedure in the southern European country differs significantly from Swiss practice. For instance, there is no nationwide debt enforcement registry in Spain.

Debts in Spain usually end up in court
Debts in Spain usually end up in court

Lists in which debtors are registered do exist, but they are not complete, as they are in Switzerland. Inquiries are also subject to fees. There are no debt enforcement offices or similar bodies in Spain. “Due to the complicated debt enforcement procedure in Spain, people turn to us,” says Martina David of the Swiss Business Hub Spain.

“The requests are usually made by private individuals and involve different areas and sectors.”

Ensure that documentation is complete for court proceedings

The Swiss Business Hub Spain has a large network and can call on competent experts. This is because debt enforcement in Spain usually goes through ordinary courts. There are different procedural possibilities. In principle, however, it must be noted that the documents for the court date must be submitted in full, as the rules of procedure in Spain prohibit late filing.

You can find more information on debt enforcement and the different court procedures in Spain in the report in the Download Area.

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