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Switzerland Global Enterprise is cooperating with Google to launch the Export Digital project, because digital tools can help Swiss SMEs to start exporting or to develop existing exporting strategies.

Export Digital - a project by Google and Switzerland Global Enterprise
Export Digital - a project by Google and Switzerland Global Enterprise

As the official export promotion agency of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), we help Swiss businesses enter new foreign markets.  Digital tools pave the way to international growth, especially for SMEs: They make it easier to do market analyses and to evaluate customer potential, marketing and sales, which provides added value in understanding unfamiliar markets. Making a market entry, however, is still a complicated task.

Digital tools have to be one part of an overall strategy. In order to use them efficiently, you need the right skills. "Export Digital" is designed to teach the necessary digital skills, to provide practical tools and e-learning modules and to bring exporters together with Google, Switzerland Global Enterprise and other organizations in order to deal with any exporting issues that might arise. This initiative by Google and Switzerland Global Enterprise is supported by the following partners:

  • Credit Suisse
  • PwC
  • Amber Road
  • Serv Schweizerische Exportrisikoversicherer

Export Digital provides essential data for Swiss businesses

The platform makes it possible for exporters to gain useful information about consumer behavior. "The program is based on global data provided by Google," says Alberto Silini, Head of Consultancy at Switzerland Global Enterprise. "Swiss companies can use statistics to find out how often a term is searched or whether similar words achieve better results. The data also shows which regions within a country produce Google searches for a particular product and whether there are seasonal differences, for instance during Christmas. This allows Swiss businesses to gain the kind of information about markets and countries that is becoming increasingly important in the age of e-commerce," says Silini.

About Switzerland Global Enterprise's offer

Switzerland Global Enterprise is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and promoting Switzerland as a business location throughout the world. As a Center of Excellence for internationalization, S-GE promotes exporting and investment by helping customers to tap new potential for their international business and make Switzerland a stronger business location. With a global network of experienced consultants and experts. As a strong, trusted partner for customers, cantons and the Swiss government. S-GE's representatives abroad operate "Swiss Business Hubs." Most of these local teams are located at a Swiss embassy or a Swiss consulate general. After an initial consulting session in Switzerland, the Swiss Business Hubs are often the next S-GE contact point in a target country.  Due to their official status, all Swiss Business Hubs are well-networked in their respective target markets. They are also responsible for promoting Switzerland abroad as a business location.

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About the initiative Export Digital

Export is one of the main pillars of the Swiss economy. The Internet offers many opportunities for expanding international business, particularly for SMEs. Many businesses underestimate these opportunities, or lack the necessary knowledge. Often, an SME's greatest challenge is to build online expertise among its employees in marketing and sales. In addition to digital channels, a business needs a good partner network as well as additional marketing and distribution channels in the target market. Businesses should also be sure not to underestimate cultural and regulatory differences. Making a market entry is a complicated task. Export Digital is designed to support Swiss SMEs in this process. The initiative Export Digital is intended to help businesses identify new markets and to provide them with the knowledge they need to exploit the full potential of the Internet in their market entries. On the new Export Digital platform, business can find not only tools for identifying interesting foreign markets, but also a wealth of learning content and help from experts.

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