Vehicles receive blockchain dossier

The Aargau Road Traffic Authority is working with the software company AdNovum and other partners to develop a blockchain-based digital dossier that will store all data from a vehicle’s life cycle.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Important data about a vehicle’s life cycle could soon be stored safely and transparently in a digital dossier thanks to a solution being developed by the Aargau Road Traffic Authority alongside the University of ZurichLucerne University, industrial partners AMAGAXA , Mobility and AdNovum.

The so-called Car Dossier is a digital dossier based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The information it stores can be used by, among others, car manufacturers, parts suppliers, insurance companies, importers, garages, road traffic administrators, and buyers and sellers.

The project will initially focus on installing the Car Dossier in private vehicles in the used car market. The aim is to use blockchain to boost trust and transparency in transactions.  

Matthias Loepfe, head of Adnovum Incubator, commented in a statement: “The Car Dossier blockchain is an enabler and catalyst for the digitization of an entire ecosystem. A single company alone cannot manage such a large and complex project. This is why a community approach is needed.”

The project is being co-financed by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).


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