Messer Schweiz turns to Swissmedic for nitrogen inspection

Messer Schweiz AG is having its medical nitrogen certified by Swissmedic, making the Aargau-based industrial gas company the first Swiss supplier of officially controlled nitrogen.

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Messer Schweiz AG is the first Swiss supplier of officially controlled nitrogen. (Image credit: Messer Schweiz AG)

Until now, gas companies only use company-internal processes to inspect the quality of their products, according to Messer Schweiz AG. The Aargau-based industrial gas company, in contrast, is now having its medical nitrogen certified by the Swissmedic, the Swiss agency for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products in Bern. 

To accomplish this, a precisely defined process with detailed documentation concerning manufacture, quality assurance and process sequences must be conducted. The three areas are clearly defined and made verifiable by a certification procedure. According to Messer Schweiz, this significantly improves quality control when compared to internal processes.

“We initiated this registration process early on and at the same time built a new large nitrogen filling plant so that we can deliver to the whole of Switzerland – immediately and without delay,” said CEO Hans Michael Kellner. 

“We have already received the first orders and expect that in the future, no gas company will be able to do without Swissmedic’s approval.”

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