Online customs documents as of March 2018

The Swiss Federal Customs Administration (SFCA) will be issuing tax assessment decisions in electronic form from March 1, 2018 on. In order to obtain the customs documents online, the company must register with a one-time procedure.

Import assessment decisions are now to be made available online
Import assessment decisions are now to be made available online

The change affects the import assessment decision, as stated in a communication from the SFCA. The export assessment decision has already exclusively been issued electronically for some years. The export decisions in the application NCTS are unaffected by this obligation.

In order to get the electronic assessment decisions, the company identification must be registered in a one-time procedure in the administration system for customs clients. After successful registration, the documents can be obtained for each service (web service and mail service) or with an access code. Companies have the possibility of obtaining an import assessment decision for a period of ten years. The assessment decisions are incorporated into the e-dec customs clearance system as part of the Swiss Confederation's digital strategy.

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Further information on the new regulation can also be found in the explanations from the Federal Customs Administration.


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