Food Challenge: How Swiss foodstuffs are selling in the USA

From cheese, muesli and Nusstorte cake to caviar and lemonade: Since the beginning of October, various Swiss foodstuffs have appeared on the shelves of the American supermarket chain Fairway Market. This was made possible by the Food Challenge, a project from Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), the Swiss Business Hub USA, the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York and the Federation of the Swiss Food Industries, FIAL. But how are the products being received by the Americans

Customers sample the Swiss products in the USA
Customers sample the Swiss products in the USA

"New York is a crazy city, I love it. It's the perfect place for our pasta", explains Fabio Matticoli from Edamama AG with delight. "I think we could be really successful here." René Schönbächler from dairy manufacturer Einsiedeln is equally enthused: "It's great to be here and we're very proud that we are able to sell our products here."

According to Damian Felchlin, food expert at S-GE, the Swiss products are well received: "It's primarily the more health-conscious products or those that are available in small snack packages that resonate particularly. Americans love snacks." Raclette cheese is also an exciting product for the Americans, according to Damian Felchlin, but often additional explanation is needed as to how raclette is eaten.


The Swiss products are being listed at Fairway Market for six months in total. The bigger the demand over the coming months, the greater the chance that a Swiss product will be incorporated into the range permanently.

The Food Challenge is a working example of the network Swiss exporters are able to count on abroad. The promotion of Swiss products at Fairway got off the ground thanks to S-GE, the Swiss Business Hub USA, the Swiss Consulate-General in New York, Switzerland Tourism and the Federation of the Swiss Food Industries, FIAL. The videos were produced by the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York with funds from Presence Switzerland, whose team is providing particularly proactive support for the exporters locally in the USA.

Exporting to the USA

Do you also want to export your products to the USA? As the first port of call when it comes to internationalization, S-GE works on behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO to support Swiss firms, particularly SMEs, in identifying and tapping into new business potential worldwide. Get in touch with our consultant for the USA, Annina Bosshard, or take advantage of a free consultation session. Additional information  

You can find more information on the Swiss food industry here.


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