Study: This is how digitization affects Swiss SMEs

What opportunities and challenges does digitization present to Swiss SMEs, and how are they coping with it? This question has been addressed by the FHS St.Gallen, University of Applied Sciences and has now been published in the “KMU-Spiegel 2017” (a study of the current situation for SMEs).

Swiss SMEs see the benefits of digitization with increasing efficiency
Swiss SMEs see the benefits of digitization with increasing efficiency

So much is certain: most companies are pursuing digital projects. However, the importance of digitization, the pace and the extent differs in each industry. It is not easy for Swiss SMEs to know which projects they should focus on, since a clear conceptual understanding of digitization is missing, says the study.

Basically, however, SMEs agree that digitization represents an opportunity. This view is above all taken by the information and communication industry. SMEs see opportunities to increase efficiency and automate processes.
On the flipside, Swiss SMEs are also confronted with challenges in digitization; and these are not just of a technical nature. Often companies lack the necessary financial resources to implement a digital project. Furthermore, the study reveals that employees' skills or data security (e.g. in the health-care sector) are challenges that must be overcome.

More than 600 companies participated in an online survey, which took place between December 2016 and February 2017.

Digitization in exports

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Further information can be found in our dossier: Digitization – an opportunity for exporting SMEs and the business location of Switzerland.



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